Boxee Box Finally Gets Netflix Support In The US And Canada

It's been a long time coming! One of the biggest, if not the biggest, requests for the Boxee Box has been the inclusion of Netflix support. The Box has seen some amazing success, but without Netflix, it has lagged behind Roku's boxes and the Apple TV, among others. Finally, after a long wait, the issues have been worked out and support has been added.

Avner Ronen, company CEO, had this to say: "We are happy to announce that TV shows and movies streaming instantly from Netflix are now available on the Boxee Box by D-Link in the US and Canada.

support was the most common request we had on our blog comments, forum posts, tweets, etc.  We heard you loud and clear. We were bummed that we could not make it happen earlier, but are very excited to have it out today.

To instantly watch movies streaming Netflix on your Boxee Box, you’ll need to update the software on your Box – it will update automatically to the new version ( within the next 24hrs or you can manually check for the update by going to Settings>System>Update.

I’ve been a Netflix member for years now, and anxiously waiting for the day when I could use it at home on my Boxee Box.  For only $7.99 a month this is a no brainer. It’s not just about movies, I just finished the last season of Spartacus, and I’m now watching Season 2 episodes shortly after they air. Netflix already has more than 20M members, if you’re not one of them you should sign up for Netflix now. They have a one month free trial."

It's pretty cut and dry from here: if you live in the US or Canada, you can now stream your Watch Instantly queue on your Boxee Box. There's a video below if you need the proof.

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Dave_HH 3 years ago

HH Review is in the works, complete with a view of the Netflix interface!

coolice 3 years ago
Nice.... i cant wait for the netflix content to grow up here... our selection is very very limited... also, i didnt know netflix pushed video with html5. for some reason, i always thought it was flash... interesting to know.
Dave_HH 3 years ago

Yeah, I imagine there are reasons for that since not all platforms are too hot at supporting flash... *cough* Apple...

coolice 3 years ago

dont you mean... crabapple hehe

(I should explain... crab apples if someone doesnt know are wild apples...some people get diarrhea after consuming them due to the cyanogenic glycosides, learnt that from a quick search on google, i'm pretty sure bing would have yielded the exact same result hehe. 

NetMediaNow 3 years ago

Hey guys,

I started a section for Netflix Canada on my site to try to help others who can't find good content. I make 5 good movie recommendations a week.

Here's the link:



coolice 3 years ago

Nice... i checked out the website, looks promising!

lipe123 3 years ago

Netflix uses MS silverlight because of its DRM support.

I was so bummed out there was no way to make it work on a regular linux box. Had to go buy windows for my TV box :(

Go boxee tho, I hope netflix gets way more popular way faster so we can get more content in Canada!!

Kiristo 3 years ago

I think I'll install the software on my laptop that already pretty much functions as this.  I see they don't have a partnership with the NFL though.  Anyone know of a similar device/software that is partnered with the NFL?

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