Boston Red Sox Sweep, World Series Champs!

As many of you know, some of us on the HH Staff hail from one of the greatest cities on earth, Boston Massachusetts.  As such it give us great pride to congratulate the WORLD CHAMPION BOSTON RED SOX for their second World Series victory in 4 years!

Boston Red Sox - World Series Champs

Mike Bauman of put it best... "The Boston Red Sox are the first team to win two World Series in the new millennium. They have won two World Series in the last four Octobers. And they currently possess an eight-game World Series winning streak. For baseball in the era of increased parity, this is about as close as the law allows one franchise to come to dominance. (True, the Yankees once had a 14-game World Series winning streak. But that was long ago, in a baseball galaxy far, far away. Or at least the streak ended in the year 2000 in Queens.)"

We're sure that last little bit stings just a touch for some others on the HH Staff, but we know you have thick skin down there in NY.  You'll mend just fine...

JD, Dustin, Jason, Jonathan, Oki, Dice, Curt!(you know we love you old man), Manny, Big Papi, Jacoby and let's not forget Terry - One word gentlemen, awesome.  Congrats!

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jeffb 7 years ago
Have to admit, between the Bosox and Patriots, it's a great time for sports fans in Boston! We're probably seeing two of the greatest teams in a very, very long time. Pats, love'em or hate'em, are about as close to perfection as I've seen in my 20+ years of watching football. Enjoy Davo!
ice91785 7 years ago

[quote user="JeffB"]Pats, love'em or hate'em, are about as close to perfection as I've seen in my 20+ years of watching football. Enjoy Davo![/quote]


 I guess we will see in this upcoming week vs Indy  --- mwahhahahah!! Cool Haha, not that I am a huge Indy fan but more of just a Peyton Manning fan (Vikings are ma' team from MN and lord knows they aren't much fun to watch this year).

jeffb 7 years ago
Yeah, I personal think the pats coach is unbelievable, but I am a little sick of the Pats always being on top. I'm going for Indy too, they are a class team and Manning is a legend in the making. Should be an outstanding game. Always is when both teams are undefeated.
Dave_HH 7 years ago
Peyton Manning is a VERY good QB but a legend, I don't think so. I think he has a line and receivers that help him look good and he's overrated. Look at what Brady is doing now with Randy Moss at his disposal. They are unstoppable.

A wager - Patriots with a 7 point spread. What is the official line anyway?

You're dead on about Bellichick, Jeff. The man is probably the best coach to ever run a professional team.
Dave_HH 7 years ago
I was at the Pat/Skins game last night in Foxboro. It was almost boring watching them completely man-handle that team. 52 - 7? And they put Cassel in too? Wow... Bill was looking like he ran up the score a bit but hey, the second stringers did get in the game. Crazy... just nuts. Between the Pats and Red Sox last night, I'm exhausted! LOL

And yes, the REAL test will be this Sunday. Bring it if you got it Indy!
nelsoncp21 7 years ago

I agree with you all that if anyone has a shot a beating the Pats it's Indy but I don't think Indy is gonna come out on top on this 1. I think the Pats are gonna win it. Matter a fact I would be willing to bet that the Pats stay undefeated till their last game of the season. maybe even 2nd to last game. And as far as the play offs go forget about it. NE is way to good this year and has way to much play off experience to not go all the way. I am really sick of NE always being good to but you do have to admit that they are good. Unfortunately i could tell by week 3 of the season my team (ravens) were just gonna be a huge disappointement this year. Congrats to Boston though.

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