Boost Mobile's $50 Unlimited Everything Plan

It was only last year that many of the major U.S. mobile phone service providers eventually settled on a rate of $99.99 per month for unlimited, nationwide voice calls. This has been a boon for heavy users of mobile phones as it has brought down the cost of their monthly phone bills. But folks who also use their phones for data access usually have to pay an additional fee for that service. A few smaller service providers, such as MetroPCS and Cricket, are able to undercut the big companies by offering nationwide, unlimited voice calls at about half of what the major providers charge; but unless you live in and plan to use your phone in one of the very limited areas that MetroPCS and Cricket have coverage in, these less expensive plans will be of no use to you.

Heavy mobile phone users in search of a bargain need not despair, however, as Boost Mobile is gearing up to offer its own pre-paid, unlimited, nationwide calling plan for only $50 per month. And unlike MetroPCS and Cricket, Boost Mobile has a much wider availability as it uses Sprint's Nextel National Network, which Boost Mobile claims is supported in 15,800 U.S. cities (Boost Mobile is owned by Sprint).

Not only does Boost Mobile's new calling plan offer unlimited nationwide calling, but the $50 per month fee also includes unlimited nationwide texting, data, and even walkie-talkie service. As it will be a pre-paid service, there is no contract and there are no sign-up fees. Boost Mobile currently offers an unlimited calling plan for $50, but this plan does not include unlimited text or data, which are extra. Additionally, Boost Mobile's current unlimited plan uses Boost's CDMA network, which has a much smaller coverage area than its iDEN-based Nextel network. Boost Mobile has stated that it will continue to support those customers who choose to remain on the older, CDMA-based, unlimited plan.

The new plan officially kicks off on January 22, and customers can sign up online, over the phone, or by going to a Boost Mobile store. Current Boost Mobile customers can transfer their service over to the new plan as well; but might they might need to purchase a new phone if the one they currently have isn't compatible with the Nextel network.

This plan might be a potential boon to heavy mobile-phone users who are looking to save some money. It also might be the shot in the arm Sprint needs as well to help bring its sagging revenues back up--Sprint has been steadily losing customers to its competitors, such as Verizon and AT&T, recently. Then there is also the issue of quality of service. In our experience, we have found that the quality of a mobile phone service differs from region to region. Just because your phone works great in San Francisco, is no guarantee that it will work well in New York. Before switching any mobile phone provider it is wise to do some research on what other customers in the regions you plan to use your phone have to say about the quality of service.
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shanewu 5 years ago

Sounds like a good deal. Anyone use Boost or know anyone who does? Is it any good?

Der Meister 5 years ago

It sounds like a good deal, but i wonder how boost is

tamib1230 5 years ago

I use Boost unlimited in Southern Cali and its great. I have the Motorola W385 phone, its an okay phone. I hope they get better looking phones at some point. Thats my only complaint

dsgreen5 5 years ago

I have been using Boost Mobile in Atlanta for over one year now. I have been very happy with the service and the customer service. My only complaint is their variety of phones for the Unlimited plan is not that great. I was considering MetroPCS because they offer the talk, text, web and have the Samsung R450, but they also have the worst customer service.

bob_on_the_cob 5 years ago

Yeah I have to agree. I don't know anyone off the top of my head that uses Boost.

peti1212 5 years ago

Hmm... This sounds interesting. Our cell phone bill is way too much for our family, perhaps there is a better way now?

digitaldd 5 years ago

signal strength and coverage should be the same as Sprint/Nextel. I have a friedn that has a boost prepaid and tethers it to his laptop for internet access while roaming about he gets very good speed off that.

bob_on_the_cob 5 years ago

[quote user="digitaldd"]

signal strength and coverage should be the same as Sprint/Nextel. I have a friedn that has a boost prepaid and tethers it to his laptop for internet access while roaming about he gets very good speed off that.


Good to know. That is how I am getting internet on my laptop at work. I get good speeds as well from AT&T, but a rather high ping. I can't really game on a netbook though so it's not a bad solution.

digitaldd 5 years ago

[quote user="bob_on_the_cob"]

Good to know. That is how I am getting internet on my laptop at work. I get good speeds as well from AT&T, but a rather high ping. I can't really game on a netbook though so it's not a bad solution.


The internet connection on most phones is very high latency. Not that good for apps but its works fine for things that do not require a low latency connection. its unfortunate but that is the nature of the beast. I'm optimistic when the broadcast TV spectrum is finally given to the celeular providers they will be able to reduce latency as well as improve bandwidth on the cell networks.


bob_on_the_cob 5 years ago

Yeah. There is a guy on my TF2 clan that plays on a 3G card. He usually has a ping around 120. Which is not great considering mine floats around 10, but the servers are here in VA. My phone does not fair as well though. I will have to ask where he has.

tanka12345 5 years ago

When they say 'Unlimited' do they really mean unlimited? Here in NZ some companies always say "Reasonable usage applies", that's why I'm put off an unlimited plan. How much is 'Reasonable'?

digitaldd 5 years ago

My friend has done a few gig in a month via boost but not sure what the limits are. I know I have done over 10gig in a month on my T-mobile phone including tethering and haven't had any issues but not getting full 3G there.

kimberlygomez 4 years ago

I was with AT&T for several years before the customer service and extra fees just killed me – I decided to shop around. I took my mom and brother’s advice and gave Boost a try – and I’m so happy I did.

The service has been great so far. I love not having to worry about a contract and their $50 unlimited plan is a real money saver over my $110+ previous bills – no worry about overage fees from texting anymore.

The phone selection is much better than I expected and still pretty affordable. The Spring powered calling network is giving me pretty dependable coverage with the ocassional dead zone. The internet can be a little slow depending on the area and the downloads are a bit pricy, but nothing I haven’t seen before.

But there is an option being offered by Boost’s sister company, Virgin Mobile via Sprint, that has real potential to help a lot of people and should be getting more coverage.

Their “Assurance Wireless” program is being in offered in five states and exclusively to low income, qualifying families and its an amazing deal. Qualifers can get both a phone and 200 minutes, with no fees or contract, for free with the potential to expand their program at. 10 a minute. While the program is new, I can only hope it will expand to more states and people who could also use a plan like this.

I might not be low-income, but the savings would totally help me. While free is a bit much to ask of already loyal customers, maybe Sprint and its parents companies could offer something like this for $10 for everyone – new and old customers alike. Times are tough and having a cell phone is a must so click here for Sprint president’s email address: and let him know that everyone could use these savings.

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