Blockbuster By Mail Service Now Includes Unlimited Video Game Rentals For No Extra Fee

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and it's pretty safe to assume that Blockbuster has their back against the wall. The company has struggled lately just to keep up with debt payments, and their vast brick-and-mortar network seems to be doing them more harm than good when compared to nimble rivals like Netflix. But there's one thing that Blockbuster has that Netflix and GameFly do not when looked at individually: variety. And now, Blockbuster is seeking to exploit that.

The company just revealed a new "Blockbuster By Mail" service that now includes games, which is a first for the company and a first for the industry. Customers now have access to more than 3,000 titles for Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2 and Wii through Blockbuster's By Mail subscription service, with both new releases and classic titles being made available. In other words, Blockbuster can now send you video games as well as DVD/Blu-ray movies through the mail.

The best part is the price. There's no extra charge whatsoever for this new service, which is rather hard to believe. New customers can start renting games for a little as $8.99 per month with no limit on the number of games rented in a month, and if they can market this right, they'll have a good case for using them over Netflix. Can the champ of last generation rise from the ashes? Only time will tell, but this is a great start.

Blockbuster Adds Games to BLOCKBUSTER® By Mail Service

DALLAS, Aug. 10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Today Blockbuster® (Pink Sheets: BLOKA, BLOKB) announced the addition of games to the BLOCKBUSTER® By Mail offering. Customers now have access to more than 3,000 titles for Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2 and Wii through BLOCKBUSTER's By Mail subscription service, and popular and classic games can be delivered to their home. Blockbuster is the only entertainment company to offer rentals of games, movies, and TV shows for home delivery through a single subscription service.  

Customers can now rent thousands of games for no additional charge through their BLOCKBUSTER By Mail subscription in addition to the thousands of movies and TV shows already available. New customers can start renting games for a little as $8.99 per month with no limit on the number of games rented in a month.

"The addition of games for our BLOCKBUSTER By Mail customers – from families looking for entertainment experiences they can enjoy together, to serious gamers – is yet another convenient way to access entertainment content from Blockbuster," said Kevin Lewis, Senior Vice-President, Digital Entertainment. "This enhanced offering supports Blockbuster's multichannel strategy and shows our commitment to being the leading provider of home entertainment content," said Lewis.

Customers will appreciate the simplicity of online video game rentals, the ability to manage game and movie content together through one subscription, and the great value of doing both with Blockbuster. Customers can keep games for as long as they want with no late fees as long as they remain a subscriber, and have multiple games out at a time, based on their BLOCKBUSTER By Mail plan. Game content will be managed through the same queue that is used to order movie content for home delivery through Blockbuster Online.  

More information about BLOCKBUSTER By Mail, including gaming content, is available online at
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jturnbull65 4 years ago

I suppose they would have built up some inventory by the closing stores, but they'll also need to endeavor to stock enough of the new releases to make this a success. If they are able to, they'll then need to garner as many subscriptions as they can before netflix mounts a response.

lifeskills 4 years ago

this is a good thing. I have had netflix and gamefly, and cancelled both, hoping for an alternative that could meet both demands. My xbox is broken now, so I don't see myself subscribing anytime soon, but definitely a good deal for 8.99 a month

sackyhack 4 years ago

This is definitely a good move in the right direction, but they're really late. I hope they figure out something to win over customers. I've been a part of a company in the past that was circling the drain, and it's not fun for anybody. I'd like to see them dig themselves out with some kind of niche service. Maybe rentable DLC? so everybody can try DLC w/o feeling they got ripped off?? It's probably technically impossible, but it'd be nice.

Well I guess Blockbuster has to do something to stay in biz because they are obviously fading away slowly.  Now Game fly  has some competition now. 

FSweetz 4 years ago

I like the package but it is not better than netflix because it doesnt have instant have to wait for the dvd...

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