BlackBerry "Storms" Onto At $99

The BlackBerry Storm is currently available for $99 on's website, with a two-year service commitment. No rebate forms or other shenanigans to go through, either.

There are some restrictions, per the site, besides the 2-year plan (emphasis ours):
The purchase price listed above reflects a $250 instant discount based on your agreement to maintain service with the selected carrier. Please note that if you deactivate this device, cancel your line of service, or reduce the value of your service plan within 181 days of the activation of your service, you will be subject to a charge of up to $250, plus tax. Read more details here. Third-party resellers are prohibited from purchasing cell phones or data cards/modems on behalf of customers. **Purchase limit of five (5) devices per household.**
Generally you would expect to be hit with charge for dropping the device, but you can't even change the plan to a cheaper one, per the above note. Whoo.

This is better than the current Verizon promotion, which is a BOGO offer (Buy One, Get One). You can get a free BlackBerry (including the Storm) when you buy another one, making the price the same as's, but if you just want one phone ...

It's unclear how long will price the Storm at $99, but the BOGO offer from is good until March 31st.
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Der Meister 5 years ago


jeremy 5 years ago

My inner lawyer has a simple solution. Buy in at the lowest priced plan they allow. After one month, increase your minutes to whatever your normal need is, then you'll never drop below what you signed up at. On another note, they mention the "value" of your service plan. What, precisely, does that mean? The plan with the minutes/features best suited to my needs has the most value to me, regardless of cost. Poorly worded on their part.

No, I'm not a lawyer. I didn't even stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

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