BlackBerry R10 with Physical QWERTY Keyboard Image Surfaces

If a leaked photo posted at BlackBerryOS is real, button-mashing BB lovers have cause for joy, as the device has the iconic full keyboard. According to the poster, the phone is a “Curve-like” R-series device that will run BlackBerry 10.

There are specs no available for the leaked device, but you can see that it’s silver and rather small. The size indicates that this will be a midrange option in the BlackBerry 10 family, which will be good news for users who aren’t interested in splurging on the BlackBerry Z10--which looks to cost $1,000 off contract (or a couple hundred bucks on contract).

R-series BB10

The only other BB10 device in BlackBerry’s lineup right now is the Q10, which offers the QWERTY keyboard but will likely have a higher price tag than the R-series handset in the leaked image.
Via:  BlackBerryOS
Clixxer one year ago

Looks better than previous BBs but we will not know until they do a release on specs and other picture along with the pricing of the device.

thunderdan602 one year ago

I wouldn't know about it being "better", but it is another option for BlackBerry users. I hope it's a success.

ajm531 one year ago

while i could care less for physical keyboards its nice to see RIM err... Blackberry paying homage to its loyalist and fans as many people loved blackberry mainly for that iconic keyboard infact this should help keep customers and its nice that they can still include the newest version with the keyboard instead of setting back to bb 7

Clixxer one year ago

[quote user="thunderdan602"]

I wouldn't know about it being "better", but it is another option for BlackBerry users. I hope it's a success.


Well for my last job we used the BlackBerry curve I believe and I hated that phone with the roller in the middle. That and the keyboard was garbage in my opinion.

karanm one year ago

I don't know why but I have never liked the look of white Blackberry phones, I'm sure its also available in the iconic black but seeing that pic just turns me off right away.

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