Bid Farewell to the Nexus One

They're gone. Google has sold out its last batch of Nexus Ones, only a few days after Google reported that they had received their last shipment from HTC, for online sale.

It was a grand experiment, selling the HTC Nexus One online, but it was doomed to failure: originally, while the device was (nicely) unlocked, it could only be bought with a subsidy on the T-Mobile network. At the same time, customers who bought the device experience a lot of issues trying to determine who to go to for tech support (and at the time, Google only provided email support).

It was painful, and not just for Google, but for customers, as well.  Still, there was little doubt the Nexus One was a great device, and as the so-called "Google Phone," it was the first to get Froyo (Android 2.2).

Finally, it seemed that Google forgot that customers like to touch and play with such expensive gadgets in stores before buying them. Still, it was a powerful device for its time, but it's six months later, an eternity among devices.

Still, it's sad to see it go. It can still be purchased from Vodafone, however. It's possible some other carriers might add the device; it was reported earlier that South Korean carrier KT was planning to do so.
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inspector 4 years ago

Nice know you! I never got to meet you :(...

People always like hands on before handing over their money to keep the system. If not there would be no demo's around :)

acarzt 4 years ago

If I had the money... I would have bought one. That was a very sexy phone :-P

mhenriday 4 years ago

Pity that the attempt to decouple mobile phone purchases from subscriptions to a given service provider didn't work - that would have been a real game changer, and to the benefit of consumers ! But as intimated in the article, Google failed to understand the level of support the change would require, and that, couple with adamant pressure from the service providers, who didn't want their lucrative status quo disturbed, sufficed to sink the project....


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