Beware Fake Chips!

“U.S. and European customs officers seized more than 360,000 counterfeit computer chips and network components in a joint operation late last year, officials said Friday.”

While 360,000 certainly seems like a large number, that makes one wonder how many bad units were in distribution altogether.  A good piece of advice for shoppers looking to buy the genuine article: If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.  We suggest sticking to well-known retailers/e-tailers with a good return policy as they're likely to spot these frauds before they even get into their warehouse.
Via:  Google/AP
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recoveringknowitall 6 years ago

I never thought I'd hear about something like this... sucks big time for those who got taken!

Kamrooz 6 years ago

Hmm...They probably didn't work...or were they reverse engineered? I expected the number to be larger considering the amount of scams we have going on now-a-days. 

viperfour 6 years ago

AMD went thru something similar with defective CPU's back in 2005:

Police in Tainan, southern Taiwan, have seized a total of 60,000 suspect AMD CPUs after an AMD tip-off. The chips, which were defective CPUs that would normally have been destroyed, might have been stolen from one of AMD’s three packaging and testing plants in Asia and shipped to Taiwan for re-marking. Millions of defective chips may have already been shipped for sale.

It should be painfully obvious that remarked and defective CPUs will not work properly. They may well work unstably, malfunction, and will in all likelihood refuse to be over clocked in any way, assuming that they do indeed work. Even if you think you are getting a bargain, remember that you are buying something that the manufacturer has deemed unworthy for sale, and something that has been stolen. 

digitaldd 6 years ago

I find this suff happens far more often in the networking world, fake add-on boards for Cisco products than with CPUs. Sometimes even reliable approved resellers get stuck with the non-legit gear. 

methious 6 years ago

 Flash drives get it a lot, you look over on Flea Bay and their selling in the identical package knock off flash drives that read 4 gigs or larger and their cheap 512meg and 1 gig drives with the drive tables rewritten.  You try to store above the real size of the drive and it just copies to the origional size but all the file names are there.  Try to retrieve the files and get tons of file corrupt errors cause it doesn't exist on the drive.

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