Best Buy Exits Analog Television Business

On February 18, 2009, broadcasters will stop transmitting analog signals. As such, this move should not surprise anyone, but Best Buy is the first consumer-electronics retailer to indicate it has pulled the plug on analog TVs.

The Richfield, Minn.-based electronics retailer said it has pulled all remaining analog television products from store shelves and will only sell digital video tuners.

Best Buy said it is the first retailer to exit the analog television business. Last month, the retailer released a survey it conducted that showed that almost 90 percent of Americans don't understand HDTVs. The retailer then launched a campaign to educate consumers about the high definition/digital products.

Business-wise, and in every other way, really, this makes sense.  With the 2009 date rapidly approaching, moves like this will a) inform consumers, b) force them into digital purchases.

nelsoncp21 7 years ago

yea that sad thing is if best buy is educating the consumers than they'll be in worse shape than they are now. Good to see someone moving in the right direction though. Could also have a positive impact on prices too. hopefully

Lev_Astov 7 years ago
And what's wrong with Best Buy? At least they didn't fire all their most loyal employees to cut costs, unlike some other chains.

It is quite disturbing to think that 90% of the population is that ignorant. Though, if you take nelson's point of view, that may be 90% of a lower educated demographic, in which case, it's not so bleak.
recoveringknowitall 7 years ago

"f*** y'all analog ______, we be digital"  -RZA

nelsoncp21 7 years ago

WHat's wrong with Best Buy you ask. Have you actually tried to talk to anyone in Best Buy. I laughed at the guy in the computer section that didn't know what a DVI connector was. Or maybe it's the ridiculous prices. The only thing I do at best buy is go look at a product in person and than go home and order it on the net. Here's a good test for you. Go into best buy and ask the guy in the TV section what the difference between 1080i and 1080p is. If your lucky he'll know what the i and p stand for but have know idea what the actual diffference between progressive scan and interlacing is. Nor we'll he know that interlacing provides about 30 FPS verses progressive scan which can put out about 60. Than ask him how you know what you need to buy. whether it's 720p, 1080i or 1080p. I gaurantee he won't say anything about the size of the tv and how far away you are from viewing it. He'll automatically say you have to get 1080p, why cause that's marketing for you. Oh here's another good question to ask them that will stump them. How do you know which TV is best for the room you are putting it in. LCD, plasma or DLP. It's not all about the size of you wallet either. I bet they couldn't even tell you the pros and cons of the 3 technologies.

recoveringknowitall 7 years ago

Since I buy alot of my PC games and movies there, I might actually try what you suggested next time I go in... just for laughs of course!!!

I've gone to Microcenter a few times just to look at hardware and was floored by how little anyone there knew about PCs. Even in the BYOB dep. they didn't really know squat IMO. It was so bad that the 2 guys there didn't even understand why I wanted to buy a new case to improve cooling... what a joke!

ice91785 7 years ago
No offense nelson as I truely do respect you as a forum regular and educated person BUT!!

Your post just a negative stereotype against all 6 million employees at BBY -- do you really and honestly believe that absolutely everyone there knows nothing in the department that they are working in? If it really is the case in your area I sympathize with you....BUT!! I can vouch for my store here in ST. Cloud, MN and tell you that especially our HT and PC dept are very knowledgable of all of the aforementioned (by you).

I am not denying that there are some people that may have limited knowledge SOMETIMES -- speaking as a member from the INSIDE of the company and a product standpoint: We are not trying to push pure profit on our end at all but rather trying to fit to each customer's specific needs. For example: if a 74 yr old woman comes in looking for a new TV, I do not know of ANY employee at my store that would even think of pushing any 1080p TV on her...

I am sure there will be a rebuttle here but I just felt I would like to make my point clear anyway..../RANT
nelsoncp21 7 years ago

No your point is well taken and I am by no means saying that every person that works at best buy is clueless. I do however think the majority of them are. I have been in several stores and have had many many instances where the salesperson was clueless though. I guess the real problem lies with the customer though not the salesperson because most people don't take the time to research before they buy. Spending a couple thousand on any product should make you want to understand what you are spending your money on but alot of people are just plain lazey and guess it's their own fault. But not everyone is lazey(had to clarify that). I am speaking in general terms here and pretty much from my personal experience. Hopefully I didn't offend anyone with my post I have just had some very frustrating visits to best buy.

ice91785 7 years ago

By no stretch of the imagination was I offended buddy....

TBH a lot of it is on management of BBY stores if anything -- too many go to the "salesperson first, knowledge second" approach. In turn you get an employee that knows how to talk but maybe not the knowledge base to back it up. Again I will admit SOME employees may not know their stuff but I think conversely a majority do..

 Again I value your opinion -- everyone's entitled :)

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