Best Buy Eliminates Restocking Fees For Most Items

Call it an early Christmas gift. As of this weekend, Best Buy has eliminated most restocking fees for returns. That's right folks, now you'll be able to return things to Best Buy without having to pay a pesky fee. The exception to this new policy is special order items, which will have a 25 percent restocking fee.

In addition to removing the restocking fee, Best Buy is offering a refund on restocking fees to anyone who returned an item between November 17 and this past Friday. Best Buy's previous policies charged customers a 15 percent restocking fee on most electronic items in the store. For iPhones, the restocking fee was 10 percent.

Best Buy made the announcement via a statement, which read:

Best Buy continually listens to our customers, and they told us they want to give confidently this holiday season and every other day of the year — and with that comes easier returns. Effective Saturday, December 18, Best Buy is improving its return policy by removing restocking fees for all products except special orders. Customers can visit for further information.

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realneil 3 years ago

Good deal, now if they could flush the Geek Squad down the tubes and start an honest repair service, that would be a win, win for them.

inspector 3 years ago

LOL real, that is surly a fact. their "GEEK" Squad is trash. But hey why do any of us on HH even need the geek squid...

Time to go buy stuff and return them >:D

realneil 3 years ago

They prey on those that don't know their way around tech like we do. It sucks that they do.

dodgers2213 3 years ago

yay! long live Best Buy! Yes

ice91785 3 years ago

Easy now gents... there is a Geek Squad'er or two on the forums....

realneil 3 years ago

[quote user="ice91785"]Easy now gents... there is a Geek Squad'er or two on the forums....[/quote]

It's a matter of company practices and the contracts that they have people sign that make me see red. It's not the employees, or most of them. You sign away most of your rights to get work done there and the company can't be held responsible for jack nothing, no matter what.

Search the internet for Geek Squad Horror stories.

A friend's son worked at one of them in California. He showed me pictures and videos that were taken from PC's that were in for work. Personal stuff,..... Him and the boys had an outrageous collection of photo's and MP3's stored on large hard drives at work, taken from PC's in for work.

So I don't mean to poison the well for my fellow forum members, It's not personal at all.

ice91785 3 years ago

If this was truly the case then your son's friend broke a TON of rules/regulations that Geek Squad implements (and would be immediately terminated if any kind of leadership were to find out). Current operating procedure dictates that we are not allowed to use ANY personal media storage in the precinct nor are any agents allowed to have cell phones in the precinct. Moreover the computers (when checked in) are connected to the Best Buy network and there is a special task force that randomly surveys the connections and monitors what the computers do when connected. Last, when we are to pull a hard drive out of a computer for data backup purposes we are to put the drive in a data "mule" (custom Linux distro that does not allow any files to be opened nor previewed) -- each store has only one mule and are monitored 100% of the time (by corp. Best Buy) during working business hours. 

Anyway, there are a few bad eggs working for the company (as there are with any companies I suppose)  and I would ask to not lump Geek Squad into one group based on some stories on the internet. As  you mentioned previously, most of these negative "reviews" online are from tech saavy people. Look at it like this: if a mechanic takes in his car to a dealership (say for warranty work), obviously he will pick apart the service he receives because he is most dealerships have their hands tied by warranties from car mfgs,  there will be  limitations to what they can do. In many ways, this is the same concept that causes Geek Squad to get a lot of the negative feedback they do....

Just one man's opinion (and obviously a little biased), however I implore you to please ask me anything you'd like about Geek Squad and I can elucidate on our terms/conditions etc for you. 

Der Meister 3 years ago

I agree with Ice, while I did not work for the geek squad, i guess I has some personality to go with my knowledge. Or they didn't feel like paying me more... The horror stories are the bad eggs... when was the last time someone wrote something good about a group on the internet? you are more likely to report the bad and not the good. 

realneil 3 years ago

[quote user="Der Meister"]when was the last time someone wrote something good about a group on the internet?[/quote]

I guess that the squeaky wheel gets the grease,...........

realneil 3 years ago

[quote user="ice91785"]If this was truly the case[/quote]

Yeah, it was the case. How else would a kid who had no broadband at home have a collection of over 40,000 MP3's? He showed me pictures from a "backup" drive that were personal and not people that he knew. He had hundreds of people in them and a series of videos too. What I speak of was about 6 years ago and there may be more rules in place now to prevent that and that's a good thing.

Like I said before, It's not a personal thing, but when I spoke to my friend about his kid and what he was doing, I lost a friend. The kid went on to college and doesn't work at that job anymore.

Out of respect for you guys, I'll not talk about the squad anymore here.

acarzt 3 years ago

i used to work for the geek squad. Some of the guys really knew what they were doing while others were clueless. If you leave a computer with them.... all privacy is gone. if they find anything of interest on your computer, like embarassing pictures or videos, they will be shared, and probably downloaded and saved to someones thumb drive. Music you may or may not have paid for will also be downloaded.

Some of the guys are actually respectful and care about their job and won't do such things... but they are few and far between.

On top of that the prices best buy charges for their services are outrageous. They are totally ripping off their customers and underpaying their "Agents"

dodgers2213 3 years ago

thats why you shouldn't load up embarrassing pictures lol

Inspector 3 years ago

Well, from a one time experience that i trusted them to help my cousin out with creating a restore disk for a brand new comp... they messed it up bad! IDK what they did but it for some reason wasn't able to detect usb devices from first boot after i get it straight to my cousins house. I used the restore disk and it all worked fine after... Took me more work/time then if i had to create the disk my self.

acarzt 3 years ago

Or learn to fix it yourself :-)

animatortom 3 years ago

Havent been to BB for almost two years! Been learning to do more research and getting more for the money through online deals and waiting till the new tech comes out!

Hot Hardware has helped with that as well! I feel better knowing what is coming out two months down the road than waiting for the next Sunday add! :P

Super Dave 3 years ago

Consumer Reports Magazine recently did an article HERE titled Return Rules At 8 Big Retailers. Basically, Best Buy sucked. I wouldn't be surprised if this new BB policy is in response to that CR Magazine article!

ice91785 3 years ago

...our store hasn't had ANY restocking fees for the past 2 years now -- I didn't realize other stores hadn't followed.


Anyway, if you buy something as long as you have what came in the box and its less than 30-days from purchase (14-days if its a computer or camera) you are fine. There isn't any other fine print to worry about...the people that I have seen get the most mad are those with generally unreasonable expectations from the store (i.e. its been 5+ months since the initial purchase, or its missing something important that was included in the package)


P.S. I have never ever been to a store that has required a photo ID to process a return...unless the original purchase was cash and you don't have a receipt. 

countcristo 3 years ago

I think everyone can agree here that they normally don't shop at best buy unless you have good reason to (including if you're one of the people who needs to satisfy their desire at that moment instead of waiting for shipping). Another reason would be that you know someone who works at best buy and can get that amazing discount (manufacturer's cost).

Sadly acarzt, when you get out into the real world, you'll realize just how many people don't know what they're doing. It'll hit you like a brick and the reality of it all is quite frightening. However, hopefully they have an attitude that they're willing to learn by someone else.

realneil 3 years ago

[quote user="countcristo"]when you get out into the real world, you'll realize just how many people don't know what they're doing. It'll hit you like a brick[/quote]

It's not all doom and gloom though. For many of us, looking around a little can help you find the ones that do know how to do it right. They're out there.

I like to read reviews by people before I use someone for a job or service. That way, the ones who don't yet know what they're doing don't get the chance to learn on my time and money.

rrplay 3 years ago

One of the things I noticed about Best Buy is how some stores are managed. and reflect the overall attitudes of their employees and the way they treat the customer.In one location you can expect to be treated as a valued customer and another as being under a grand inquisition of sorts either to purchase or return a dead item.

I agree that they removed the stocking fee because of the article posted.

realneil 3 years ago

I remember many years ago when Best Buy opened in my home town. They had the best prices on technology, and the best selection by far. It was no problem to return anything, anytime and they were very customer oriented. It was a pleasure to shop there and they got most of my business too.This went on for a few years, but then something happened.

Their store manager was fired after he chased down some store robbers, and caught them. The town thought that he was a hero, but his corporate bosses fired him for chasing and catching the thieves.   (they seem to have a policy that says to let them go and let the police handle it)

After he left,....slowly, things began to change there,....they started harassing people for returning goods, and would even refuse some returns outright. My apogee with them came after I bought a new HP printer there that didn't work at all, right out of the box. They refused to replace it with a working printer on the very next day after I had bought it. They still had dozens of them on the shelves too. They told me I had to send it in for repair and wait for weeks to get it back. Needless to say I reverted into ILA mode, (ILA= Instant, LOUD Azzshole)  and quickly got a refund. After that I didn't go back there again. So I must agree about the overall service and shopping experience being correlated with whomever is running the store, it was the case there.

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