Bebo Blamed in 13-Year-Old's Death

Many have heard of Megan Meier, the teenager who committed suicide over a MySpace romance gone bad - one which turned out to be a hoax.  Here we have another social networking death; is this a troubling trend?

A teenager said to have been bullied on the social networking site Bebo has been found hanged in his bedroom.

Blaming Bebo for his 'utterly pointless death', Sam's mother said the family discovered the extent of the bullying only when they checked his Web page after his death.

Worse: the cyberbulling was over his taste in alternative music!  Bullying is bad enough, but come on!

Bebo users who taunted Sam on the site have since left messages apologising for their conduct.

Sam was a fan of alternative rock bands such as the Foo Fighters and Slipknot, as well as so-called Emo music, championed by bands such as blink-182 and Good Charlotte.

Apologies?  Too little, too late.  And honestly, most teens would not really feel that much remorse over this.  Or perhaps we are too harsh.  What do you readers think?
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ice91785 6 years ago

I think that I have never heard of BEBO....... howeverI think that the kid had issues if he hanged himself over people on the internet making fun of his music. It's one thing if its everyday face-to-face but if you are online why not either a) block the users or (b) get a new account???



Savage Animal 6 years ago

Who doesn't listen to the Foo Fighters or Blink 182? I am not really a fan of Blink or Emo for that matter, but they are on every station, you can't not hear them.

I agree that there were way more issues at hand then some "cyber-bullying". I believe the parents are just looking for someone to blame other then themselves. They obviously didn't know their son as well they thought they did.

recoveringknowitall 6 years ago

I hate the term EMO with a passion... as human beings we are meant to feel & express the whole range of emotions. Some people are just more effusive than others.

As for the kid hangin himself, he must have had deeper issues. It is deffinately a tragedy, but placing the blame on a website or even a bunch of "cyber-bullies" isn't warrented IMO.

Endersothergame 6 years ago

Agreed, I mean I listen to positivly anything and will entertain all sorts of conversation to that end.  never would I consider hanging myself because someone decided to be an idiot to me about what I may spend my leisure time listening to.


It is very clear there had to be underlying circumstances that unseated this person somewhere, else.  Also agreed on the tragedy of the loss. But 'cyber bullies' simply don't have the position to really do anything more then make me block them if they get too annoying

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