Ballmer Says Microsoft Planning More Devices and Hardware

On the eve of Microsoft’s big Windows 8 and Surface announcements, company CEO Steve Ballmer sat down with the BBC and stated that Microsoft would indeed be making more hardware and devices in the future.

This jibes with earlier reports that Microsoft would be focusing more on hardware and services and that it may actually have a handset prototype in the lab already.

If Ballmer's presentation at the Windows 8 press event was any indication, Microsoft is tenaciously invading several market segments under his leadership. “We have committed ourselves on a path where we will do whatever is required from both a hardware and a software innovation perspective and the cloud innovation perspective in order to propel the vision that we have,” he told the BBC.

Ballmer Elop
Ballmer (L) and Nokia chief Stephen Elop

This is a development that the PC and mobile phone industry will be watching closely. Microsoft rocked the boat when it announced that it was creating its own tablet, the Surface, and its OEM hardware partners had mixed reactions. If Microsoft indeed ends up with its own handset, two things are all but certain: It will be an interesting addition to the Windows Phone 8 market, and it will make OEMs (such as Nokia, which has gone all in on Windows Phone) anxious.
Via:  BBC
rapid1 2 years ago

That makes a lot of sense. The one thing I think is great about Windows 8 is it takes everything be it desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone and puts them on one OS. Then on top of that the AZURE (Cloud) backbone is something M$ has been planning out for several years now it makes sense. There new Office platform is there (the cloud) the world is there as well with smart phones usage wise etc. so this makes it all a singular package (IE: personal network of all data sources through one OS) and while Apple does it through there app store, it is not Universal and some of there apps work for the iPhone or there computers, or there iPads but do not work across there devices universally. This OS package aims to put it all in one box that is also "out of the box" being that you can access all your stuff anywhere using it!

ricofrost 2 years ago

Awesome, from the reviews of surface everyone has been saying the hardware quality is top notch.

meureenbell 2 years ago

Wow! That's great! No wonder. it would be the topnotch this coming months.

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