BOXX Rips Apple's "Elegant" Mac Pro and It's Hilarious

Microsoft could take a few lessons from BOXX in how to poke fun at the competition in a tactful yet hilarious manner. BOXX, which builds high-end workstations and rendering systems for a variety of applications -- film and television, visual effects, game development, simulation, government and defense, and the list goes on -- decided to compare its own professional workstation with Apple's Mac Pro. The result?

A comical YouTube video, for one. Having just purchased a cylindrical shaped Mac Pro, Nate eagerly shows it off to his friend Drew, who is less than impressed with the hardware -- or lack thereof -- inside.

Mac Pro Ashtray

Things start off well enough when Nate confirms his Mac Pro wields an Intel Xeon processor, but things quickly go downhill when Drew fires off a barrage of followup questions, starting with whether or not Nate's machine is equipped with dual Intel Xeon processors -- "You know, 24 cores?" Drew then inquires if the Mac Pro has more than 2 GPUs, if it can be upgraded with additional hard drives, if it's overclocked, and bunch of other buzz kill questions. Have a look:

But hey, at least it looks cool, right? Even that trait is put to the test when at the end of the video a passerby mistakes the Mac Pro for an ashtray -- oh, burn!

Give kudos to BOXX for putting together a lighthearted ad that doesn't feel mean spirited or awkward, and then check out what the company has to offer if you're in the market for a workstation.
Via:  BOXX
lipe123 8 months ago

The garbage can part at the end is the BEST haha

Joel H 8 months ago

I give Apple tons of credit for trying to reinvent the workstation, but I can't get over how much that thing looks like a garbage can.

ricofrost 8 months ago

HAHAHA loved it, so dam funny.

Dave_HH 8 months ago

That was pretty priceless. :)

rapid1 8 months ago

I remember when Apple used to use a different CPU and Memory structure and there was some reasoning to using APPLE for artistic or photo rendering/design and music production etc. I also remember when everything was proprietary which everyone but apple pretty much gave up more than a decade ago if not almost two decades now.

The internal components although "APPLE" certified are last years hardware with an extra eeprom chip on each one that certifies it is "APPLE" certified therefore the computer can start and operate with it. The apple thing to me seems to be basically like the high school kids wearing the "COOL" pair of jeans or the new in color/tennis shoes and nothing more now.

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