BMW's Left-Turn-Assistant Designed to Prevent Accidents

BMW has announced that it is working on a left-turn / u-turn assistant to assist in ensuring that drivers of their cars aren't going to hit oncoming cars while making a left or u-turn.

Collisions caused by drivers making left turns are a major cause of accidents and motorcycle fatalities.

The left-turn assistant will work at speeds up to 10 km/h (or about 6.2 MPH). Once it recognizes a left turn or u-turn, it will use three laser scanners and a camera to detect oncoming traffic as far as 328 feet (100m) away. If it detects oncoming traffic, an automated braking system will engage.

At the same time, the driver will be alerted by a warning sound and warning symbols in the instrument cluster and Heads-Up Display.

In addition, the range can be extended to 820 feet (250 m)  with the addition of a vehicle-to-vehicle communication WLAN system. BMW is set to show off the system as part of INTERSAFE 2, taking place this week in Wolfsburg, Germany.
Via:  BMW
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coolice 3 years ago

this is interestng.... but there are soo many factors to consider when making a left turn!! 2 -3 lanes, meaning multiple cars at multiple distances. Also, you have to take into consideration the pedestrians. But nonetheless, its a cool feature and if it saves lives, then so be it!!

herlof 3 years ago

will be perfect for my wife lol

realneil 3 years ago

You see futuristic movies with cars doing all of the driving and the idea of that never appealed to me. I'm not so sure I would trust it to work.

I'm not usually too keen on technology controlling things for me. So, for me, this is a wait and see kind of thing.

I don't want to be the one to test it out either. (I can imagine a bird flying by while I'm in the middle of a turn, and the car slams on the brakes to avoid it, leaving me stopped in the path of someone coming)


rrplay 3 years ago

if it proves to be a safety feature that 's successful great ! and will see how this goes.& allowing sensor tech to warn drivers could very well be the future to avoid collisions .

This could alleviate the distractions some urban drivers experience that seem to have more important things to focus on.

Like portable offices & make-up sessions etc....while driving  [quite true actually]

goofygoldberg 3 years ago

Safety features of cars grow more and more advanced. With this left turn assistance, accidents would truly be minimized with this. The cars are getting into it. Cars are not driven by drivers, Drivers are driven by the drastic changes in car's components. We should also be involved in knowing more about this system because we are the users. There should be some kind of auto repair session about this matters to let us know how to adjust the settings of this system according to our preference.

Aoshi 3 years ago

Orrrrrr everyone could just be a decent driver and just check. This doesn't stop drunks from getting into accidents. This is to be a helpful tip to timing your turns. But I feel like they should put breathalyzers in cars before they do this.

marcosalvatorre 3 years ago

why not just used great parts of the car to avoid the accidents and alos check the auto parts or four vehicle why not try the edelbrock of your car they have really good qualities

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