BFG Offers Free Upgrade From AGP to PCIe

BFG Offers FREE Upgrade to PCI Express from AGP cards

For a limited time graphics card maker BFG Tech is offering registered BFG AGP Video card holders an upgrade to the equivalent BFG PCI Express version. If AGP card holders want to shell out an additional $50 they can upgrade to a higher level card as specified by BFG.

BFG, states on their website that as PCI Express is the standard for video cards going forward, AGP is no longer going to be supported. They are encouraging users with AGP slot motherboards to upgrade their computer mainboard to one with PCI Express slots and take advantage of this offer to make the transition easier.

The upgrade options and paths as specified by BFG:

          Steps to request an upgraded card:

If your current BFG 6x Series or 7x Series AGP card is NOT currently registered, please register it here (No proof of purchase will be required for this process – simply sign up)
  • Once registered, log into your account (
  • Click on “My Profile”, then the “myProducts” tab.
  • Find your 6x Series or 7x Series AGP graphics card in the list
  • Click on “details” next to “Upgrade Eligible”
  • Click on “Upgrade” next to the product you wish to upgrade to.
  • Verify your address and email and click “Order”
  • You will receive an email within 24 hours with instructions and terms and conditions.

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bob_on_the_cob 6 years ago

Awesome, bad@$$, SWEET! This is totally awesome. Wow. I moved my girlfriend from a 7600gs to a 9600gt and the $50 TOTALLY worth it. Looks like a great reason to upgrade.

^Bad_Boy^ 6 years ago

I'll look for an use BFG AGP Card on sale locally .. that's a way to get a 9800GT cheap :P

Crisis Causer 6 years ago

Now THAT's a good video card company.  Bless their hearts.Wink

shanewu 6 years ago

Wow, that's an impressive offer! Props to BFG.

Let's see if any of BFG's competitors follow suit. :D

tanka12345 6 years ago

Awesome offer BFG! Too bad I don't have any BFG cards lying around.

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