Internal Report Shows Some Rotten Apple Suppliers Using Child Labor

Apple has made available its "Apple Supplier Responsibility 2012 Progress Report" in which the Cupertino company claims it conducted a total of 229 audits, up 80 percent over 2010. More than 100 of those were performed at factories that Apple has never audited before. Facilities that were re-examined "consistently showed fewer violations," and most of them improved their audit scores year-over-year, the company said.

That doesn't mean there wasn't any cause for concern. Many violations were still found, including a total of six active and 13 historical cases of underage labor at five facilities.

"In each case, the facility had insufficient controls to verify age or detect false documentation," Apple noted in its report. "We found no instances of intentional hiring of underage labor."

Apple said that some of its suppliers work with third-party labor agencies to hire contract workers from various countries, and these agencies in turn may work through multiple sub-agencies in the hiring country.

All told, over a quarter -- 26 percent --  of Apple's audited suppliers were in violation of labor practices in some form or another, whether it related to underage labor, working hours, anti-discrimination, or other violations.
Via:  Apple (PDF)
cowboyspace 2 years ago

Most of the company discriminates, and exceeds working hours....Even where i work,they forget we are humans and all this is about their bussiness and making more money while using people as slaves working in unsafe conditions.

omegadoom13 2 years ago

The use of child labor is unacceptable. However, I don't know the details as to where this was taking place, ie. which country, city. Let's look at the big picture through the eyes of the people in these countries rather than through the eyes of an American or Canadian. What are the reason as to why these kids are working? Are they working because their parents aren't making enough to put food on the table? Are they working in these factories because other options (peddling, stealing, prostitution, etc) just aren't even options worth consider? Is Apple doing enough to stop this? For that matter, may Apple should start paying their suppliers more so these suppliers would stop using contract workers? Anyway, the use of child labor is just one consequence of this global economy.

AKwyn 2 years ago

What I need to see is action taken when it comes to improving labor conditions. There are too many articles about this kind of abuse and I have left too many of my opinions on these pages as it is, they can still keep doing underage labor and poor working conditions all they want; it's not going to stop if they don't force their device manufacturers to change.

cowboyspace 2 years ago

when they get inspection the company  already know the day those people are coming to check.So they have plenty of times to do what they have to do. Like in my company, OSHA agents came without a letting anyone in the company know they were coming just the day of the inspection.They found a lot of unsafe conditions + no Clean water!!!!  the company is in trouble.

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