Asus Spikes Plans For 3G-Enabled Transformer Prime

The Transformer Prime saga is just getting strange. After being one of the most highly anticipated Android tablets to date, Asus saw numerous troubles with Wi-Fi and GPS complains aplenty. The company has since removed the mention of GPS from the Prime's specification list, but that's not quieting the masses. To add fuel to a raging fire, Asus announced the next-gen Prime at CES last week, boasting a wildly dense 1920x1200 resolution, an improved processor and (again) no GPS. So, with the next-gen Prime making the existing one look like old hat, what else could possibly go wrong?

This. Asus has told Focus Taiwan that no 3G version of the original Prime will be sold, contrary to earlier reports that such a device would indeed surface eventually. At this point, those holding off for a 3G Prime will probably just hold off for the TF700T and its high-res display, but still, one has to wonder how this launch has become so wonky.
Via:  Focus Taiwan
cowboyspace 2 years ago

that tablet looks fantastic, that sexy design was to be expected from asus.....sometimes things can go wrong, no gps really O_O that's what happen when you don't test something right and start telling everyone oh this come with this and that and after all it doesnt come with that feature.i smell same thing with faildozer.I hope they find  a way out  :)

AKwyn 2 years ago

Well, the launch troubles are certainly unexpected after thinking people would fall in love with it because of it's power under the hood; GPS and Wi-Fi being the most unexpected because ASUS usally does good when designing it's products.

The introduction of this new model is frustrating because many people assumed that ASUS would be working on fixing the flaws rather then introducing a new model with a bigger display and 3G, and one with a lengthy timespan at that. I'd be pretty pissed if the Transformer Prime I bought was obsolete before it came out of the box; hell I'd probably say that the newer display and 3G should of been included in the original Prime and not in a redesign.

Whatever the case is, ASUS has a lot on it's hands to deal with when it's relating to the Transformer Prime.

LLeCompte 2 years ago

I really dont understand why they launched a new version. What about all the people who just bought a prime when it first came out? It seems that Asus screwed up the launch of the prime badly. It could have taken the tablet world by storm, but now it seems to have lost all momentum. If you want to beat the iPad, you have to make sure your product is flawless out of the gate.

JDiaz 2 years ago

Kinda being blown out of proportions...

1) Anyone thinking the first release can be fixed when it was a hardware design fault is crazy. They'd have to recall all models, scrap them, and released the fixed models in that case. There was no easy fix and they already tried making adjustments.

2) None of the present models offer 3G option, and not everyone will pay a premium for the 1080P HD screen and 3G option. The model was going to be sold for $100 more than the present Prime. There would have been no obsolete anything, just a different more premium model.

3) People have to stop confusing ARM devices with PC's, they're not upgradeable, they can't be easily reconfigured, and the market is designed to have them replaced at a fairly regular and virtually yearly rate. Just because it can look like a laptop doesn't mean you can expect the same things from it.

4) The GPS and WiFi issue don't bother everybody. So there isn't that strong a reason for an otherwise perfectly good tablet to be scrapped and it'll take time for a fixed model to be released anyway.

So anyone who doesn't like it should just get a regular PC. So long as you're not tied to having a Touch UI then a netbook will still cost you less and provide you with more options.

Having something because it looks nice and is what's considered cool right now doesn't mean it's the best thing you should get and it's not like there aren't any alternatives to choose from.

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