Asus PA246Q ProArt 24-Inch LCD Monitor $60 Off at NewEgg

A few weeks back, we took a look at the Asus PA246Q ProArt 24-Inch LCD Monitor and came away thoroughly impressed. In our conclusion we said, “To say that this is a better display than your average, or even above average TN panel is like saying Ray Allen has an above average jump shot. The truth is the PA246Q is worlds apart from most TN monitors in every way. The PA246Q produces accurate colors, it's bright and crisp without washing out your photos, and it excels at both the dark and light end of the spectrum.”

If you’ve been itching for a high-end monitor like the PA246Q ProArt, but were waiting for just the right time to pull the trigger, today may be the day. Newegg has an instant $60 off promo and is offering free shipping as well through Thursday, bringing the price down to $430. That’s a heck of a deal on 24” P-IPS panel with the kind of features the Asus PA246Q ProArt has to offer.

Via:  NewEgg
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Drake_McNasty 3 years ago

Such an awesome monitor, I wish it had been released a few months earlier when I got my second one for work. That is a great price for those features.

AHinaloc 3 years ago

this is very cool .... hope i have one of this product ;]

animatortom 3 years ago

Act now and you can get 20% off you next Ferrari purchase! :P

This is nice, and I would love one, but I dont see going above 300 for monitors. Or at least make it a 30incher at that price? Guess I have to wait until it goes down to that price, hopefully after the summer.

Plus shipping to HI is not free, and it will be close to 85bucks for shipping:P Maybe when I make it back to the mainland, then it will be a good deal.Then again I would be close Fry's :)

realneil 3 years ago

Too bad I just sprang for that ASUS 27" screen. While it doesn't have the specs that this one does, it's fine with me.

inspector 3 years ago

Even with the lowered price i can't afford it, plus i don't require something with this much features :)

ThunderBird 3 years ago

Just ordered my Dell U2410 I'm happy with my purchase.

acarzt 3 years ago

Too bad I can't spend any money right now or I just might have picked this bad boy up :-(

omegadraco 3 years ago

Certainly a nice deal for a monitor with these features. But I don't do any art so I don't really have a need for a monitor of this caliber. Might have to point my father at this deal though since he does web design/graphics design for a living.

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