Asus Express TV USB Stick Includes 4GB Memory

Love TV? Love being on the road? Regardless of whether or not your answer to that second inquiry is "yes" or "no," Asus is looking to help avid travelers stay connected to their favorite over-the-air dramas with its all new Express TV Stick. This minuscule USB TV tuner enables notebooks and desktops alike to tune into any local OTA station (usually the ABCs, CBS, FOXs and CBSs of the world) and use their computer's hard drive as a PVR.

The USB 2.0 device installs itself automatically on PCs when inserted, and the "hybrid" nature enables it to tune into both NTSC (analog) and ATSC (digital) broadcasts -- though, all of the analog transmissions should be extinct in the US by mid-June. At any rate, the stick also packs an unusual treat: 4GB of inbuilt memory. Unlike most USB TV tuners, this one can double as a USB flash drive when in a pinch, which is definitely a nice touch. Asus has built this one to be fully compatible with Microsoft Vista Home Premium, Vista Home Basic, Vista Ultimate, and Windows XP platforms, and it also integrated nicely with the Vista Gadget tool that enables users to watch and record live TV directly onto their Vista sidebar. No mention of a price or release date just yet, sadly.

Product Name ASUS Express TV Stick
Model Name US2-400/PT/FM/AV/RC/FL
Specifications TV system Digital TV (DVB-T free to air) and Analog TV
Interface standard USB2.0
Flash drive 4GB
OS supported Microsoft Vista Home Premium / Vista Home Basic / Vista Ultimate / Windows XP
Accessories - Remote Controller
- Audio/video breakout cable
- DVB-T Antenna
- Quick start guide
- Support CD

Via:  Asus
Tags:  Asus, USB, TV, TV tuner
acarzt 5 years ago

Sounds like a pretty cool idea... but I question it's usability as a thumb drive. There's no pic with the cap off so you can't get a good idea of how big(or small) this thing actually is. I have a feeling it's a pretty decent size and might have some weight to it. I don't imagine people carrying this thing around on their keychain.

3vi1 5 years ago

This is pretty neat... though I suspect there are unseen DRM restrictions. I wish it supported Linux.

digitaldd 5 years ago

I'm guessing its windows only because the software is on the USB stick and designed to autorun. I do wonder if it has a standard antennna connnector or like manuy of these USB tuners a propiertary one.

azlulu 5 years ago

Hello! I have to format the usb key, so i lost the bundle software. I found the driver, but the Total Media Software, no. Can you help me. Tnx or azlulu@sapopt


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