Asus Eee Top ET1602 All-In-One Touch Screen PC

The Eee Top ET1602 builds upon Asus' popular line of Eee-branded products by introducing an all-in-one desktop form factor, complete with a 15.6" touch screen. Like the Eee PC netbooks that preceded it, the Eee Top ET1602 is built around Intel's low-power Atom platform, with the 945 GSE chipset. Other features include an integrated webcam and 802.11n Wi-Fi, 4W speakers with SRS Premium Sound enhancement, and a flash memory card reader. At about $599, the Eee Top ET1602 is relatively expensive considering its performance, but its integrated touch screen and proprietary Asus Eee applications help to somewhat justify the investment for a system that offers such ease of use and innovative touch interface features...

Asus Eee Top ET1602 All-In-One Touch Screen PC

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rapid1 5 years ago

I am actually waiting for the MSI X-slim machines. Those look super sweet especially for a net/ultra notebook type. They debuted it prior to Cebit in China from what I see Cebit should be the release party. These will be sweet especially if it does have the Nvidia ION platform as a backbone or in any way a processor stronger than the ATOM and better graphics as well, this is what has been outlined. However, it is still supposed to be on the ultra power conservative edge as well. For $700 or less (hopefully closer to the $500.00 mark)!!!!!!!!! SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET

ice91785 5 years ago

A titch too much $$$ for this guy -- I will always be hesitant to buy a touch screen in the first place, especially hesitant at these prices

tanka12345 5 years ago

I'm yet to see a slim PC with Power. :(

frank239 5 years ago

how much is cost in 2009.... planning to buy this...

gamemaniac 5 years ago

It is good with all features but is it worth buying it in $ 599. Please suggest.



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