Asus Adds 1080p Display, Improved Wi-Fi to Upgraded Transformer Prime Model in Q2

Asus is pumping out a fair number of product announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and one of them relates to an upgraded version of its Eee Pad Transformer Prime tablet. The new tablet -- model TF700T -- will sport the same body style and slip into the same docking station as the original Prime (TF201), but will come with a few upgrades.

Nothing ground shaking to make you want to throw your existing Prime tablet in a river a sadness for falling prey to EAS (Early Adopter Syndrome), but the TF700T will boast a Full HD 1080p (1920x1080) Super IPS+ display, upgraded from the TF201's 1280x800 resolution.

Asus is also upgrading the integrated front-facing camera from 1.2MP (TF201) to 2.0MP (TF700T) to allow for HD video conferencing. And though the upgraded Prime tablet will work with the current docking station, Asus tweaked the back panel design to enhance Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS performance, the latter of which is a common complaint with the TF201.

Otherwise it's the same tablet with the same price points. Whether or not you want to wait for the refreshed model is entirely up to you, with availability expected in the second quarter of 2012.
Via:  Asus
omegadraco 2 years ago

I don't really think the display change will be that big of a deal with a 10 inch display the quality probably will not be that noticeable. The main thing that might make a person want to wait is the back panel design change more then anything. What I wonder though is if a cover for this could make a difference with signal like it did with the iPhone that had reception problems.

JGaspardo 2 years ago

probably not seeing as asus said the problem is related to the thick aluminum casing aka signal doesn't penetrate well

AKwyn 2 years ago

Well the display is nice but on a tablet, it doesn't matter much anyway.

CDeeter 2 years ago

Nice to see they are holding the line on price.

TBone2012 2 years ago

IMO, the penetration of Wi-Fi and GPS signals is what bugged me the most. Hopefully we'll see a review of this tablet so that I can make a conscientious decision of whether or not to buy it. If i'm paying that much money for the tablet, then it better sure as hell perform like it says it does.

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