Asus 14" U43F Bamboo Core i5 Notebook Review

There was a significant influx of CULV based notebooks earlier in the year, due in part to their excellent balance between power, performance, and price. While CULV based machines were a good fit for many users who didn't want to sacrifice much performance for longer battery life, CULV notebooks are being introduced at a less rapid pace these days. Sure, Intel has low-voltage versions of the mobile Core 2010 processor lineup, but the Core i3 and Core i5 have proven that they don't consume an insane amount of energy as-is, and the performance bump from using a standard mobile chip is definitely noticeable.

That's just one of the reasons we're intrigued by Asus' new 14" machine, the U43F. The other is its unique bamboo accents...

Asus 14" U43F Bamboo Core i5 Notebook Review

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InfinityzeN 4 years ago

I have gotten to play with some of the Bamboo series laptops and I must say that I really like the look and feel of them.  Unlike this review, I think the chrome actually looks nice.  But hey, if your thinking about it just head into Best Buy and give it a gander yourself.

animatortom 4 years ago

This looks like it belongs in the 70's! Geeked

The insides are nice, but I am sure this is one of those units that people will look back on and say to themselves,..."What was I thinking!"

LSadler 3 years ago

I've had this for about 11 months, and a couple of weeks ago, one of the hinges broke. If I open it more than a 60* angle, it separates the side of the body. Also, all that plastic chrome is crap. Mine was rough, and I picked at it, which made some come off, and now it has some really sharp edges that just make you keep picking at it. Not to mention the white plastic underneath is extremely ugly. And I don't remember ever uninstalling the webcam, but I can't find it, anywhere. I'm currently looking for something else, but having a hard time finding anything with comparable specs and made well in a remotely comparable price point. I'd also rather NOT have to spend another grand or more so soon. I really wish I'd just gone with the Sony Vaio or Macbook Pro.

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