Arfa Karim, Teenage Genius and Programming Prodigy, Dies at 16

Perhaps Arfa Karim is a name you're not familiar with. A Pakistani student and programming prodigy, Arfa Karim became the world's youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in 2004 when she was just 9 years old, a title she held onto until 2008. Now, at the age of 16 years old, this talented young Pakistani who had the brightest of futures passed away after suffering an epileptic seizure and cardiac arrest a few weeks ago, according to Geo News.

She had racked up quite the resume before her untimely death. After becoming the youngest MCP ever at age 9, she was invited to visit Microsoft's Headquarters by Bill Gates when she was just 10 years old. Later that same year, Arfa Karim was honored by the Pakistan Government for the Fatima Jinnah Gold Medal in the field of Science and Technology. She was also honored with the Salaam Pakistan Youth Award and won the Presidential Award for Pride of Performance. If all that weren't enough, she was certified for flying a plane at a flying club in 10 years old.

After learning of her medical condition, Bill Gates reportedly set up an international panel of doctors for her treatment, and while she showed some sign of improvement, the young genius passed away on January 14, 2012 at 9:50 PM in Pakistan. She was laid to rest at her ancestral village of Faislabad.

R.I.P. Afra Karim.
Via:  Geo News
RTietjens 2 years ago

A great loss to humanity. And yet Rupert Murdoch continues to live on and connive against the world.

Manduh 2 years ago

Very sad news to learn the world has lost such a young brilliant mind :(

Inspector 2 years ago

Wow, thats an impressive history. May she R.I.P. We have lost a brilliant girl, who knows what could of came from her in the future :(.

OptimusPrimeTime 2 years ago

"Heartbreaking. So sad. What a bright future she had coming. Rest in Peace. "

realneil 2 years ago

Sad to see this happen.

Androidor 2 years ago

The world is full with bad and mean people, so why her?????

digitaldd 2 years ago

[quote user="Androidor"]

The world is full with bad and mean people, so why her?????


haven't you heard.. Only the Good Die Young.. 



AKwyn 2 years ago

It's always a shame when such a gifted, intellectual person dies from such a common and unpredictable cause of death.


CDeeter 2 years ago

So sad indeed. My heart goes out to her family and friends who will miss her dearly.

rapid1 2 years ago

Sorry to be blunt and it's not like anyone on here will disagree I am sure something like this really sucks. This girl was brilliant and no one has any clue what would have really come from her beautiful mind! Of course this is one of the things about our world that is confusing. With children especially around the world and especially those living in poverty conditions (not that this is a soapbox, but it does point at something), and those (and yes I have been guilty of it myself) saying those feed the children funds are all rip offs etc, what would we have if everyone in this world were at least to the general level (and I know this was a special type of sickness, but I am just saying) nourished what might we as a race gain from it really?

cowboyspace 2 years ago

and my dad still asking me why i dont believe in god? this is why.

Aoshi 2 years ago

This doesn't make sense at all. It's always the brilliant people somehow die.  

AKnudson 2 years ago

cowboy, god doesnt take children because he is angry he takes them because he is ready for them. it is no sad thing to die, thi world is hard the next world will not be so painful.

cowboyspace 2 years ago

how you know there is another world?....let's  not argue about religious or anything like that. I dont believe in devil or god.

MKyosh 2 years ago

She died maybe because she was too good to live in a such evil world!

AKnudson 2 years ago

thats a shame, i would have really liked to see her revolutionize the industry, Bill had the right idea, get her some doctors she could have been the future of programming.

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