Apple's iPad 2 Steps into Production

If you're trying to stay ahead of the upgrade curve, now might be a good time to consider listing your iPad on Ebay or Craigslist, if you can manage without it for a couple of months. According to reports, production on Apple's second generation iPad -- which we'll go ahead and call the iPad 2 -- has already begun and might be the only real iPad killer on the horizon.

Citing "people familiar with the matter," The Wall Street Journal says the iPad 2 will come equipped with a faster processor, burlier graphics capabilities, at least one built-in camera (front-facing for videoconferencing and presumably FaceTime), and more memory. All this and it's supposed to be both thinner and lighter, too.

Don't expect a much higher resolution in the iPad 2, if at all. And you can probably rule out a USB port, microSD card slot, and definitely don't bank on Flash support. Still, a faster, lighter version of the iPad is sure to be popular with Apple's fanbase, as well as those getting impatient waiting on a viable (and affordable) Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) tablet.

No word on how much the iPad 2 will cost, though for the sake of comparison, the current iPad sells for between $499 and $829.
rapid1 3 years ago

ROFL; I love it the current one sells for a top price of $829, but people whine because the new Motorola pad is going to be $800. I will bet when this one comes out for a top of the line it will be around $900-1000, but no one say's anything because it is Apple so of course it will be more expensive by default because it's pretty *shrug* how does that make sense?

paul_lilly 3 years ago

People did (and still do) complain about the price of Apple's iPad, even though few thought the cost of entry would be as 'low' as $500. And they were right to do so -- once the tablet market shakes out with more competition entering the fray, I think we're going to see the average price drop way down. You can already find much more affordable tablets, but in this early stage, most of them are crappy attempts at cashing in on the craze.

Likewise, people certainly have a legitimate gripe with Motorola's $800 asking price for the Xoom (if it turns out to be true), especially since you're reportedly forced to shell out for a 3G data plan to enable Wi-Fi. Sure, it's $30 cheaper (upfront) than Apple's flagship iPad, but it's also built on an open-source platform that most folk figured would result in far superior pricing. And at some point, it just isn't looking like it will happen in February 2011.

CDeeter 3 years ago

How is $500 - $800 a good deal for tablets? Touch screens can't be that expensive! Netbooks only cost $300 - $500 and have way more functionality and storage, larger screens, and are just as portable.

coolice 3 years ago

$800 goes towards paying Steve Jobs his $1 / year salary.... Deeter... you should have known that already.

inspector 3 years ago

hum, i don't get why not add in a extra camera for one in back and front. it doesn't hurt to have more features...

Papapak 3 years ago

i wanna get the new ipad , it was out of stock last year lol :D and i want the new camera on it, hopefully it gets blue tooth too!

greenapple 3 years ago

i think ipad 2 doesn't worth to spend $800 for it, there is no big difference compared to the ipad 1 Smile

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