Apple Magic Trackpad Review

Apple's CEO Steve Jobs has a history of showcasing new Apple hardware on stage, generally during one of their highly watched press conferences at WWDC or elsewhere. This gives Steve the chance to demonstrate a new product in front of millions watching around the Web, so that everyone "gets" what a new device is for. In fact, we cannot recall the last time Apple introduced a completely new piece of hardware without showcasing it first. But that is exactly what has occurred with the Magic Trackpad...

Apple Magic Trackpad Review

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jturnbull65 4 years ago

I found the first two paragraphs -- chronicling Apple's strings of successes followed by iPhone4 criticisms -- largely irrelevant and altogether unnecessary considering this is a review.  Moreover, I wouldn't say the lack of an event to announce this device isn't altogether "strange"; it's an accessory, not a product line. Sure, in a similar vein, the magic mouse announced at a conference, but that was in conjunction with a redesign of the iMac.  How superfluous would it have been to hold an event for this $69 accessory?  Very.

Dave_HH 4 years ago

Nice, thanks for the kind words. I think our editor was just providing backdrop. Also, it was noted that Jobs was holding an event to discuss things like the iPhone 4 issue, new Mac/iMacs etc and could have easily rolled this out then too.

jturnbull65 4 years ago

Hi Dave,

My comment probably came across harsher than I intended.  In general, I appreciate the backdrop present in the articles and reviews on the site. I just think that, in this case, it would have sufficed to start the article with the 3rd paragraph that mentions the peculiarity that the trackpad became available with little more than a press release.  I don't see the need to connect this with Apple's product history and "antennagate" unless the author is suggesting that Apple is rethinking their entire approach to marketing on the weight of a $69 accessory becoming available without fanfare.

fat78 4 years ago

Seems pointless to buy when you could get a sick gaming mouse for same price.But that is just me, some people might like touch pads.

3vi1 4 years ago

>> some people might like touch pads.

Yes, very "special" people.

I can't think of any function this product serves that existing desktop products don't fill better, and at a better price. It may be a marvelously engineered product... but a marvelously engineered spear is still just a spear.

hitech 4 years ago

That is really great product. Any other article about this product?



eagle1984 4 years ago

it is a great version it is not costly and have lots of function.

fat78 4 years ago

WHAT? this is just another shitty over priced apple product. I would not replace my os with mac so i can use a product that will not help for gaming or traveling.

bob_on_the_cob 4 years ago

Yeah I really don't understand this at all. Touchpads are bad. People buy mice for there laptops so they don't have to use them. Heck people buy Lenovo Thinkpads just so they don't have to use them. Why on earth would you wanna use one on the desktop over a mouse is beyond me. Then again apple is known for the bad mice they come out with, so why not continue the trend.

Papapak 3 years ago

i tried this thing at my university's store and it was awesome, awesome for an imac at least., it is big enough to be efficiently using photoshop and effectively :D

rrplay 3 years ago

Now if they included the capability to use a stylus as a tablet that would have been pretty cool for editing photos. If that was  the case and compatible with Win at 70.00 maybe useful overall.

looks like more iFodder for the iSheep

LondonMabel 3 years ago

Someone like myself used to the macbook track pad, this might be more convenient than a mouse--because I use my macbook so much, I have all these memorized routines about how to do things. So now that I'm considering buying a desktop, I might get the track pad.

Also, there is a right click--you put two fingers down at once. There's also a scroll wheel--you move two fingers up or down along the pad.

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