Apple Finally Kills Xserve Server Sales

In April of 2009, Apple brought over Intel's Nehalem Xeon CPU to the Xserve rack-mount system. Not even two years after that, the company has decided to lay the Xserve to rest. That system is officially no more, as the prior Xserve link now redirects to an Xserve Support page. The Xserve managed to last nearly a full decade. 9.5 years to be exact. Apple hasn't been forthcoming when it comes to exact sales figures with the Xserve, but we doubt that they managed to sell an awful lot of them. It was always a niche product, and apparently the time has come for Apple to move on.

Reports have found that many IT professionals who rely on Xserves plan to keep their existing systems for at least two years, but there won't be any upgrades on the horizon. A few years from now, most people will have forgotten that this system even existed, but it's always a bittersweet moment when even an infrequently used product hits the grave after nearly a decade on Earth.

Did you ever buy an Xserve? Did your business rely on them?
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coolice 3 years ago

This is interesting... because, most Networking-Techsavvy people know apple is expensive and for the same price, probably a lot more could be purchased.

I'm curious if theres a corelation between knowledgeable tech-savvy buyers and lack of apple sales... I mean apples other products fly of shells faster than they are put on them

Their other systems sell amazing, but if i were to create a basic network... chances are i'd go with windows or linux powered machines. hmmm

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