Another Carrier Billing Option for the Android Market

Another carrier billing option has come to Android. Until Wednesday, among U.S. carriers, only T-Mobile allowed carrier billing for the Android Market, but that is no longer the case.

Google announced on their Android developer blog that AT&T carrier billing is rolling out the the Android Market. Rolling out is the key phrase: you may not see the option to buy an app by carrier billing, adding it to your AT&T bill, just yet.

Be patient, as it will come. Carrier billing is perhaps the most convenient way to buy from any mobile Market, Android or not.

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rapid1 3 years ago

This would definitely seem to me the most direct way of buying products in this method to me. It would also seem to be what a general user would think should happen. That is unless you buy it directly from the producer which would seem to me at least from a product or software producers stand point be the best way. The thing I do not like is it adds strength to the wireless providers where they have done nothing but have a hardware product in there inventory. Also looking at this new net neutrality I don't know if they (wireless carriers)need to be any stronger nor have any more income streams. They will just use the money to buy some more congress men and women to bolster themselves.

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