Anger Management: Over 33 Percent of Americans Verbally or Physically Abuse Their Computers

It doesn't matter if you're a saint or a frequent sinner, a sailor with a potty mouth or a monk who took a vow of silence. If you own a computer, then at some point you've belted out a line of obscenities that would make Andrew Dice Clay wince in astonishment. PCs have a way of bringing out the worst in us when things go wrong, and according to a recent nationwide survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Crucial in June 2013, some even tend to get physical.

Out of over 2,000 U.S. adults ages 18 and older who were surveyed, more than a third -- 36 percent -- of Americans who experienced computer problems in the past six months admit to lashing out at their PC by using vulgar language, screaming, shouting, and even punching it or using an object to beat down the insolent machine.

Angry Kitty at Computer

These wonderful systems that are capable of great things also have a tendency to play with our emotions. Some 65 percent of those surveyed said that computer problems have left them frustrated, followed by feeling angry (10 percent), helpless (10 percent), and even victimized (4 percent).

"We've become so dependent on our computers and think of them as helpful partners, making it that much more painful when they betray us at the worst possible time," said Roddy McLean, e-Commerce Marketing Manager.

Almost half of the survey respondents blamed malware for their PC woes, while 16 percent said they weren't sure what was causing their problem. According to Crucial, having a sluggish and/or unresponsive PC is the result of "not having enough internal memory," hence the self serving study.

What's the worst thing you've ever down when frustrated with a PC?
Via:  Crucial
AlexFrodoKleba one year ago

I usually focus my anger at software developers more so than my beastly computer haha.

ChuckRenninger one year ago

I take power tools to mine!!!!

shadizzle one year ago

I am with Alex on this,

I scream at the software and devs. more than anything.

JacksonHuang one year ago

lots of sexual harassment also...

realneil one year ago

[quote user="JacksonHuang"]lots of sexual harassment also...[/quote]




I'm not going to be beating on my too expensive PC gear anytime soon.

Dave_HH one year ago

I secretly beat other people's PCs... that they BEG ME TO FIX ALL THE TIME!!!!! :-/

realneil one year ago

E Tu Brute?

KOwen one year ago

hit my computer? never. yelling occasional profanity for motivational purposes? absolutely!

acarzt one year ago

I find my self calling my computer a peice of sh!t ever now and then :-)

realneil one year ago

[quote user="acarzt"]I find my self calling my computer a piece of sh!t ever now and then :-)[/quote]

But yours is a well built, nice machine.

When people I'm related to bring their computers to me to fix for free. I find myself cussing the older, slower PCs.

These people insist that I'm the most knowledgeable guy that they know, (laughing here) but they don't listen to me when I tell them that their old Dell dual core should be retired. When I say to buy a new one, or let me build them something, they freak out.

Fierce Guppy one year ago

I'm onto my 5th keyboard.

Tyotukovei one year ago

I did punch a good dent into one of my old monitors when it blue screened for the 100 somethingth time. Found out later that it was caused by faulty DIMM slots on my board... I won't go into what happened those.

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