Android Key Lime Pie Coming October 29th?

Although a number of Android users are still noshing on Gingerbread (Android 2.3) and have not yet tasted their Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) or handful of Jelly Beans (Android 4.1), there’s widespread speculation that Google will be announcing yet another dessert-themed Android version at an event in New York City on October 29th.

Word on the street is that the code name for the next Android OS is Key Lime Pie, which will of course be foreshortened to “KLP” (and really rolls off the tongue better than “ICS” ever did, so that’s a plus). Google is expected to launch an LG Optimus handset along with the new Android version.

Android Key Lime Pie
(Image credit: Android Spin)

It’s worth noting that Microsoft has a Windows Phone 8 event planned for that very day, and both announcements fall less than a week after Apple is expected to announce the rumored iPad mini (among other potential new products) on October 23rd.

Google Invite

Taken as a whole, we feel like the prettiest consumer at the ball as three industry titans clamor for our mobile affections.

In any case, we’ll be present for the October 29th Google event and will let you know what tasty treat Google’s whipping up next.
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sevags 2 years ago

What benefits could klp have over ics other than bug fixes... And the means the first phone that comes loaded with klp is probably 3+ months out and klp upgrades for current handsets is probably 6 or more months away if it ever even arrives before KLP is also replaced.

I like what android stands for... But I hate the implementation or android. At this rate I will never own an android phone and am hesitant to purchase devices using android because of the software upgrade path alone.

samwelaye 2 years ago

buy a nexus. Even the two-year old nexus S is getting all of the updates and functionality.

sevags 2 years ago

To my knowledge nexus devices get updates only slightly sooner than other products. My sisters 3GS got ios6 the same day as my iPhone4 and a week before th iPhone5 came out. The nexus line of products aren't any more appealing than mainstream android products I only appreciate the simple UI better.

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