Amazon's Kindle Blows Past Sales Expectations

It's time to officially retire the notion that Apple's magical iPad is capable of casting a death spell on Amazon's Kindle. We're not saying the iPad isn't popular -- because it is -- but any fears that it would spell doom for the eBook reader market, and Amazon's Kindle in particular, can now be put to rest, and here's why. According to reports, Amazon is on pace to sell more than 8 million Kindle eBook readers by the end of 2010.

That's more than double the number most analysts were predicting, and nearly a fourfold increase from the 2.4 million Kindles Amazon managed to unload in 2009, BusinessWeek says while citing an anonymous source "aware of the company's sales projections."

This all assumes those numbers are accurate, as Amazon has remained tight lipped when it comes to Kindle sales figures. However, the e-tailer couldn't help but brag that the Kindle 3 is its fastest-selling Kindle of all time, and that's saying something, even without figures to back it up.

None of this is particularly hard to believe. It certainly helps that a semi-recent price war broke out on the eReader battlefields, and for those looking primarily to read electronic books, it makes a lot more sense to invest as little as $139 in a Wi-Fi Kindle 3 than a $499 iPad or take a chance on one of the handful of other tablets sporting pre-3.0 releases of Android.
Via:  BusinessWeek
countcristo 4 years ago

I wonder what the profit margin % is on the Kindle. Is it greater than the avg. near 50% that Apple makes?

dodgers2213 4 years ago

Amazon pushed the HELL out of Kindle. The wifi version with free 3G is also a very attractive device for a heck of a lot cheaper than an Ipad

rapid1 4 years ago

I agree with both dodgers, but really is there initial retail setup much different from Apples when you look at it? The new ones are very attractive for many reasons, but initially with a very bare market the Kindle was expensive for what it was. The difference seems to be that they gradually have worked down in price where that is Apples entire game, at least until they have no choice.

realneil 3 years ago

All Amazon had to do was drop the price and people bought tons of them. This is something for the makers of SSD drives to consider and learn from. (but they're too thick) Surprise

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