Adding Games to Software Downloads

When opened its software download service in early January, it seemed curious that they would create a downloader app if they didn't have something larger in mind.

A job posting on Gamasutra suggests Amazon will soon start a PC game download store to compliment Unbox, its video-on-demand service, and the site's MP3 download store. The job posting asks programmer/engineers to apply to become a part of the Software and Video Games Digital Technology Team at Amazon, which is "responsible for digital distribution of software and video game products from the Amazon website, including the newly launched Amazon Software Download store."

This is precisely what we have anticipated, though not just games, large office products as well, could be covered by this.  Naturally a job post does not give any indication of how long before such a feature would launch, however.

entermymatrix03 6 years ago

Everyone has started doing this. They started off saying that digital distribution will cut down costs because no need for boxing, instructions, ect...then why are games still $50 via download?  

werty316 6 years ago

I am curious how this will work since mose games come with some form of file protection like SecuROM so this could a be thing or a bad thing.

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