Alienware 17: AMD's R9 M290X Goes Mobile

NVIDIA holds the lion's share of the market in mobile graphics hardware, but it's not the only competitor. When Alienware asked if we'd be interested in looking at a notebook based on AMD's top-end R9 M290X in a single-GPU configuration, we agreed. This system is based on exactly the same hardware and chassis as the Alienware 18-inch model that we reviewed last fall, but it's somewhat more modest hardware whacks a full $2000 off the price.

Unlike the massive system we reviewed last time around, this rig's performance aims at what, on a desktop, would be considered a midrange GPU with a moderately high-end CPU core...

Alienware 17: AMD's R9 M290X Goes Mobile

Via:  HotHardware
RJeffries 7 months ago

Awesome machine! I wish but if I had that kind of money, I would still prefer an Intel/nVidia based machine.

Joel H 7 months ago

Look for a head-to-head comparison coming soon. :)

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