Adobe Unveils Flash-to-HTML5 Converter

We know that Apple isn't a fan of Adobe Flash, and won't support it on its iOS products, pushing HTML 5 instead. Adobe, while definitely not agreeing with that stance, is nothing if not pragmatic. Thus, at Adobe's MAX 2010 event on Thursday, the company demo'ed a Flash-to-HTML5 converter.

 The product is simply a tech demo for now, but we expect there will be a ton of requests for this to make it to production. Watch the demo.

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lifeskills 4 years ago


xylem 4 years ago

Awesome, not ur turn Apple!

inspector 4 years ago

nice, it would work great for webmasters that don't want flash on their site :).

The webmaster has to convert the files and use those as the web files right? Cause it would be awesome if it can somehow be put in to the iphone instead to convert it and view all flash pages :).

Does this also mean it will be easier for people to steal designs/ flash work? :D

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