Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook Review

Intel's 4th generation Core processors, based on the company's Haswell microarchitecture, have done good things for ultrabooks this year. Thanks to Haswell, Ultrabooks have moved much closer to Intel’s original vision of thin, light, low-power (but still powerful) systems that eschew outdated components and usher in new features like ultra high resolutions and touchscreen displays. Acer’s recently-updated Aspire S7 is a good example of just how far ultrabooks have come, and where they are headed...

Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook Review

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MikeCammisa one year ago

Don't like Acer

acarzt one year ago

I'm glad to see you guys finally did a review on this laptop!

I've been wanting to see how it fairs, but they need to update the screen to a higher res one like the new Yoga!

This laptop costs $400 more than the Yoga 2 you just reviewed and it performs almost exactly the same, but the Yoga has more flexibility due to it's ability to fold into a tablet.

Dave_HH one year ago

Agreed. I love the Yoga 2 Pro, personally but this is a pretty sweet machine too.

buratino 11 months ago

That is the computer brand that I am using, I like acer. I often entertain with my acer computer on loola . Thanks to your information.

Youra 10 months ago

What a piece of CRAP! I opened my new S-7 392 the Acer logo came up and then the screen went black. I had to go onto live chat to get a phone number to call tech support. 3 times they had me reset the computer. 3 times I went through the 45 minute reset process with the same result. I am shipping this back!

deluxx76 8 months ago

This laptop is worth the money, primarily higher price the brand is high and the tree is very expensive. mr bean

deluxx76 2 months ago

Agreed. I love the pou, personally but this is a pretty sweet machine too.

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