AbMob Using Angry BIrds as $1 Million Success Story

What difference does it make if Angry Birds on Android is free? Apparently, not much, since Rovio is nearing $1 million a month, just from AdMob advertising in the app.

It's been something that's been noted for a while: most of the Android apps are free, as opposed to iOS apps. With results like these, does it really matter?

Rovio continues to release new levels, and that keeps users coming back for more. So, instead of a single purchase, Rovio gets repeat revenue from AdMob. In fact, Google's decided to use Rovio as a Admob success story. Check it out below.

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OSunday 4 years ago

Angrybirds is one epic game, entertaining and fun it short bursts and extended periods of times and mentally challenging at the same time (even if you can get through the early levels by trying over and over again).

A simple design with a lot of good things going for it but the big difference between this and other games is the lack of bad things, what determines sucess isn't always having the newest and latest if you do so by sacrificing other things and having them at below par. Coming out with updates and new packages, FOR FREE doesn't hurt angry birds either, it merely bring more users back to the game (and advertisements).

Angry Birds is an epic success, and ideal model for other mobile platform games.

inspector 4 years ago

:), this is truly a fun game. I don't have it on my phone but i have played it, it is very addicting at times. Its easy for them to earn lots of cash from ads.

infinityzen1 4 years ago

Had, beat, uninstalled. Of course, I don't play a lot of games on my phone so the fact that they even got me to install and beat it is impressive.

MCaddick 4 years ago

I've stopped playing it ever since the ads started appearing at the top-right where they sit and obscure the gameplay area.

I paid for the game on my iphone, why won't rovio let me pay them for it on android and let me get rid of those damn annoying ads that mostly aren't even for products/services that are available in my part of the world anyway. Epic fail.

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