AT&T's New iPhone 4 Ad Pokes Fun At Verizon

Apple may be advertising the iPhone 4 as a friendly product for two friendly networks in America, but the truth of the matter is that Verizon Wireless still is no fan of AT&T, and the same is true in the opposite direction. Even since it was announced that VZW would be getting the iPhone 4, both ad departments have been working overtime. Each one is trying to point out why their iPhone 4 is better, despite the overwhelming school of thought suggesting that Verizon's iPhone 4 will be superior if you need an unlimited data plan or need a broader 3G coverage spread.

But that's not stopping AT&T from harping on a point that has been around forever, but could become a moot point just as soon as the iPhone 5 is launched. Verizon has already shown that they have the potential to enable simultaneous voice + data usage over their network, and upcoming Android phones may be able to take advantage. But for now, AT&T is using this against Verizon, for whatever it's worth.

We personally think the argument is somewhat overblown. It's not often that we have to use our voice minutes and our data at the same time, particularly when a Wi-Fi hotspot isn't nearby (or better yet, a PC). But it's the one thing that AT&T has left to hang onto, and they're hanging tough. The ad below is actually really compelling, but what officer worker a) doesn't have Wi-Fi and b) doesn't have a notebook or desktop? When's the last time you saw an office working do their job without an actual computer? Exactly. Nice try, AT&T, but we're still not buying this one.

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AKwyn 3 years ago

Eh, these companies will go at it with ads that attack each other, and in the end either AT&T or Verizon will come out the winner. (I'm guessing Verizon because most people will probably predict it as the winner)

coolice 3 years ago

Bulls--t.... Thats low atnt... really low.

Whats verizon going to come up with next.... "You cant hold your ATnT phone like that... u'll drop calls... only verizons iPhone allows you to make calls, however you hold your phone"

inspector 3 years ago

Hum i don't see why that would happen taylor, Verizon has just got its iphone4, who knows what issues will everyone be complaining about soon. With these issues currently with the Verizon iphone i rather stick with AT&T for now till a later time.

RMedley 3 years ago

I do not know personally as I have not had a smart phone on Verizon. I did however have on on Sprint for about 28 days. I personally do not recall any issues doing both. I also remember hearing many statements in Android boards specific to Verizon droid's that this was actually not true (voice and data at the same time), and that Droid phones were able to do both at the same time. So it would not see odd to see this one debunked as well. I don't think it even required an app either, but really how often are both throughput methods (Voice/Data) at the same time used. I am sure you can picture it, but really why would you not have something planed out, such as meet me here at this time, without making the arrangements prior to calling or communicating with whoever.

Why not just jump on Fandango, and forward digital tickets to your girlfriend. The ticket would have the show time, location, and most likely a GPS map as well. The same with a restaurant or concert, sporting event etc. remember the add from At&t on the kid and his dad going to the football game, well the dad bought the last ticket on his phone, and then showed it to his son. If it is more convenient why would you not do it?

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