AT&T Hints At End Of iPhone Exclusivity In New SEC Report

Are you ready for an iPhone on Verizon Wireless? Who isn't, right? At this point, the rumor has gone on so long that it feels like it'll never come true. But it simply has to at some point, doesn't it? The original contract between Apple and AT&T ensured that no other carrier in America would get their phone for a long, long time, but it has been rather unclear as to exactly how long we would have to wait for that contract to expire. And things couldn't be lining up any nicer if Verizon wanted it to.

Verizon is gearing up to launch a nationwide LTE (4G) network in the U.S. next year. And the iPhone will be in the clear to be on Verizon next year. Well, we think. Here's the thing: AT&T has been extremely quiet about the agreement for as long as it has been in place. No one on the outside knows for sure when and how it will end. But everyone knows what the end will lead to: an iPhone for another carrier. Verizon is the obvious choice, and now AT&T has finally shed the slightest bit of light on when the contract may finally expire.

Recently, the company's SEC filing made a note that said they don't expect to suffer "a material negative impact... as these exclusivity arrangements end." They don't say exactly which exclusive contract they're talking about, but let's get real: there's only one possibility here, and that's the iPhone. No other phone on AT&T's lineup is worthy of being mentioned in an SEC report. No other phone can affect AT&T's bottom line like the iPhone. It's just obvious from here. The report goes on to say: " We believe offering a wide variety of handsets reduces dependence on any single handset," which again, alludes strongly to the iPhone.

If AT&T's talking this now, that really only means one thing: the end is nigh, and the Verizon iPhone has to be on the horizon. Now, the only question is will or will it not be LTE-capable? Let the next round of rumors begin!
infinityzen 4 years ago

It is still an iPhone, which means most people on this site will find it bla. Seriously, just look at the sites moble OS poll. Android has over 2.75x as much. WM7 is 2.25x as much. Heck, even Meego is nearly double.

I'm not saying the iPhone is not a good smart phone, just that it is made for the 'every man'. The ones who aren’t very computer smart. The ones who don’t mind that they have no fine control of their system. The ones who don’t care that their system looks nearly the exact same as everyone elses.

littlemoonhime 4 years ago

Exactly, now that Android is around and anybody even remotely tech savvy is loving Android and would pick an Android phone over an iPhone even if they weren't only on AT&T. So of course AT&T doesn't care about having exclusive iPhone rights since they're most likely on board with getting onto the next hottest thing: getting more Android phones and going 4G. Really, the Verizon Droid does ads are just killing it. The Sprint HTC EVO 4G is the sexiest cell phone I've ever seen. Of all the people I know only 3 of them have iPhones, 2 of them because they're stuck, and 1 because they're a crazy Apple fan. *Everybody else* I know either has an Android phone and loving it, or wants one. I'm at the point where it's rare for me to talk to anybody that isn't on Android and wanting to pick my brain for cool apps since I've been on Android for almost a year now.

animatortom 4 years ago

People still value and buy Fabergé eggs, even though they break easy and you cant eat them:)

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