AT&T Introduces New Prepaid Calling Options

AT&T announced new prepaid calling plans for GoPhone users. The new options will be available October 3 and will include an Unlimited Daily Talk and Text plan for just $2 per day. Under this plan, you'll only pay for days the phone is used. AT&T will also offer a monthly Unlimited Talk and Text plan with 200 MB of data for $75 per month. If you don't want the data, an Unlimited Talk and Text plan is available for $60 per month.

“Prepaid customers now have the flexibility to pay only on days used for unlimited talk & text without the commitment of an annual contract,” said Judy Cavalieri, vice president of Prepaid Products for AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets.  “Customers can have the unlimited talk and text plan for just two dollars per day that is only charged on the days they use their phone –all of that on the AT&T network they can trust.”

AT&T to Introduce New GoPhone Plans Beginning October 3

New Plans Offer Flexibility for AT&T GoPhone Customers.

Dallas, Texas, September 30, 2010

Key Facts

  • AT&T* announced today it will offer new GoPhone® prepaid calling options on October 3
  • The Unlimited Daily Talk and Text plan is now available for just two dollars per day –customers pay only on the days the phone is used
  • An Unlimited Talk and Text monthly plan is now available with 200 MB of data
  • The new Simple Rate plan allows customers to pay by the minute with a lower rate of $0.10 per minute

The Unlimited Daily Talk and Text plan allows AT&T GoPhone customers to enjoy the flexibility of unlimited calling and texting with the two dollar rate plan charge only applying on days when they make or receive voice calls, use IM or send a text, picture or video message.  Customers can now enjoy the benefit of unlimited texting in a pay only on days used plan, making it a convenient and affordable option for customers who prefer to pay as you go.

GoPhone Customers interested in paying by the month have the freedom to talk and text all they want for just $60 a month with the Unlimited Talk & Text plan.  GoPhone customers can enjoy the benefits of the mobile Internet while on the go at an affordable price with the Unlimited Talk and Text plus 200 MB data plan for $75 a month. 

AT&T GoPhone unlimited plans include nationwide calling and texting, as well as texting to Mexico, Canada and more than 100 countries worldwide.  

AT&T GoPhone also offers a great selection of devices including full keyboard/touch screen devices like the popular LG Prime, which are available in all AT&T stores, as well as other authorized retail locations.  

Via:  AT&T
realneil 4 years ago

Look at the girl in the picture above,.........

Now think,.... how long has it been since your cell phone contract or cell phone deal made YOU SMILE LIKE THAT?? (maybe when you got your first one, and only 'till the first bill came and burst the bubble)

They could offer us $19.00 per month unlimited and STILL make a friggin' killing with this business. These companies post profits in the many BILLIONS of dollars every year.

animatortom 4 years ago

She is smilling because she owns AT&T stock. And knows that there are suckers out there who will pay this!

Those prices are rediculous! It is not really pay as you go when you have to keep paying every month!

I havent used them since the mid nineties. And I grow to HAT&TE more every time I see how they rip people off!

realneil 4 years ago

Now this sounds like a viable option to AT&T,.......US Cellular Baby!

Remember that you heard it here, on first!

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