AT&T Expands Netbook Choices With The Addition Of The Aspire A0722

Acer's Aspire A0722 is now available through AT&T. This 11.6-inch netbook targets enterprise and consumer users by offering a portable and thin design with key usability features such as a full-size keyboard and multiple ports. The Aspire A0722 can connect to AT&T's HSPA+ network. The A0722 offers three USB ports, a VGA out connector, an Ethernet Jack, headphone jack, and HDMI-out port. This netbook is available for $449.99 without an annual contract or for $39.99 with a two-year agreement and a 3GB monthly data plan.

Stay Connected On The Go with the New Acer Netbook, Aspire A0722

Acer's 11.6-inch 4G Netbook Available for Enterprise Users and Consumers Online at

Dallas, Texas, January 19, 2012 - AT&T* today announced it is now selling the Acer Aspire A0722, a 11.6 inch Netbook to enterprise users and consumers online at  The perfect combination of usability and portability in a thin design, the A0722 still boasts a full-size keyboard for those wanting complete functionality.

The Aspire A0722 runs on the AT&T HSPA+ network, which, combined with enhanced backhaul, provides up to 4x faster data transmission.  The A0722 also comes fully loaded with three USB ports, a VGA out connector, an Ethernet Jack, headphone jack, and HDMI-out port.  It addition, it boasts a 6-cell battery that provides extended battery life while on the go.

The Acer Aspire A0722 is now available for $449.99 without an annual contract.  AT&T customers may also choose to purchase the A0722 at a discounted price of $39.99.  A two-year agreement with a 3GB monthly data plan is required. 

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Via:  AT&T
AKnudson 2 years ago

any reason it has only 4 gb of memory? anyone who wants to travel with their computer need to get the senbook or the air its just common sense, sure this one is cheaper but hell yor smart phone can do more than it can.

cowboyspace 2 years ago

if you want more GB just buy some, people who knows about pc won't buy it but what about those who doesn't know?

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