ASUS Unveils Its NVIDIA Titan Z Dual GPU Graphics Monster

If you're feeling that your PC gaming rig could use a boost, look no further: Asus has just announced the GeForce GTX Titan Z dual-GPU graphics card, powered by the best that NVIDIA can crank out at the moment. It's a high-performance beast, stacked with 12GB of GDDR5 memory and NVIDIA's GPU Boost 2.0 technology. Atop the usual trimmings, there's GPU Tweal: that's an Asus exclusive that "allows users to tune graphics parameters in real-time." You'll be able to modify the clock speeds and voltage levels, along with cooling fan speeds.

All told, you're looking at two NVIDIA GeForce GPUs (876MHz boost clock), 12GB of onboard memory, a total of 5,760 CUDA cores, and plenty of oomph to handle output to a growing stable of 4K monitors. It'll ship worldwide starting this week, but pricing has yet to be revealed. Rest assured, it won't come cheaply. 
Via:  TechPowerUp
DanJChiccino 7 months ago

Its not a gaming card.

DanJensen 7 months ago

how about some benchmarks allrdy :P

KerrySoleim 7 months ago

It is 2 butchered Titans on a single card that cost damn near twice as much and sucks for gaming. Another cash-grab by Nvidia marketing towards ill-informed(by Nvidia) customers.

KevinOlivo 7 months ago

Not a gaming card actually. And they are fully enabled Titans by the way

KerrySoleim 7 months ago

Alrighty, when they were first announced they were butchered Titans, not they are just stock Titans(with a small boost clock) that cost a crapton more than just getting 780 Ti's, which will rip this card to shreds in gaming.

DillonBeard 7 months ago

theres a typo, you spelled tweal instead of tweak.

DarcyEdgarMcCheesums1 7 months ago

Typo - Unveils.

AndrsCifuentes 7 months ago

Small correction: they don't cost near twice as much. They cost OVER twice as much. 50% more, in fact.

ClaytonBugeja 7 months ago

overkill..the mostly gamers out there game at 1080p plus its still overkill, who is the mad who will spend thoese money to just play a game..even a gtx 660 can game good or 770

DonEdwardsJr 7 months ago

I will buy 3. Hurry pls

realneil 7 months ago

Yes, I want 6 of them in ~MY~ cart!!

LarryMoralesJr 7 months ago

TitanZ = 2 Titans for the price of 3!!

BrianRettig 7 months ago


KMotheral 7 months ago

There are so many new GPU's out there along with processers!! Just when you think you have a nice Computer, It's almost obsolete

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