ARM Aiming for Half of Mobile PC Market by 2015

If Intel's impending march into the mobile space is supposed to intimidate ARM, it isn't working, at least not publicly. Just a day before Computex 2011 kicked off, the current leader in mobile processors for handheld devices like smartphones and tablets declared that it intends to grab half of the mobile PC market by 2015.

According to ARM president Tudor Brown, ARM currently claims 10 percent of the entire mobile market and expects that number to increase to 15 percent by the end of the year. Fueling ARM's growth as of late is the emerging tablet market, a segment sparked by Apple's iPad with -- you guessed it -- ARM hardware inside.

Moving over to the PC side will prove considerably more challenging. Unlike the tablet and smartphone sectors, Intel already has a stronghold on PCs. ARM says it intends to attack the server market too, though admits it could take longer than other areas.

"Servers will be important but I wouldn't want anyone to think it will happen next year in any volume," Brown said.

It's not just Intel that ARM will be going up against, but AMD as well. It's an entirely different landscape that, even though this won't be ARM's first rodeo, will be tougher to flex, at least if the goal is to own half the market.
Via:  The Inquirer
Drake_McNasty 3 years ago

That is a hefty goal considering their current competition in the mobile arena, They had better start praying apple keeps using their products until 2015. I think it would might be too difficult to break into the pc market though, Intel and AMD already have board partners and really strong fan support, I'd be skeptical of buying anything other than AMD or Intel(no offense VIA).

wuliheron 3 years ago

ARM just got a broadside from Microsoft with the news Windows 8 won't run on ARM and Intel is rapidly making progress on energy efficiency and other aspects of mobile computing. Despite the rumors to contrary it appears Wintel is still very much alive and kicking and the eight hundred pound gorilla is poised to flatten the competition once again.

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