AOC Reveals Aire Black LCD Series With 12.7mm-Thick Panel

The world's supply of LCD monitors is growing, yet again. AOC is the latest to give the world one more option when it comes to selecting an LCD, with the company launching their AireLED Series. That includes a stockpile of 12.7mm-thick monitors with an embedded Screen+ feature and a DVI-D input with HDCP compatibility. The Aire Black LCD is coated in a glossy black, and it features one of the world's slimmest display panels. The Screen+ feature in particular enables the screen to be split into four self-contained work areas.

The Aire Black LED monitor comes in 20-inch (e2043Fk, $129), 22-inch (e2243Fwk, $149) and 23-inch (e2343Fk, $179) screen sizes, and is now available at national retailers including Best Buy, Radio Shack, Office Max, Fry's, TigerDirect/CompUSA and PC Richards, among others. Aside from being slim, it also offers a 50,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 5ms response time, and an EPEAT Gold Certification. The monitor consumes just 15 watts of energy and contains an eSaver feature for those times when you walk away.

Unfortunately, the company isn't talking about pricing just yet, but that should come soon along with a ship date.

AOC Launches the Ultra-Slim Aire Black LED Monitor

New addition to the AireLED Series includes 12.7 mm-thin monitors with embedded Screen+ Feature and DVI-D with HDCP input

Fremont, Calif. – February 23, 2011– AOC, the world's largest manufacturer of LCD/LED Monitors and HDTVs, reveals the Aire Black LED, a glossy piano-black monitor featuring one of the world's slimmest display panels. This new all-black addition to the popular AireLED Series offers bonus features like embedded Screen+ software that allows the user to divide the screen into four self-contained work areas. The Aire Black LED monitor comes in 20-inch (e2043Fk, $129), 22-inch (e2243Fwk, $149) and 23-inch (e2343Fk, $179) screen sizes, and is now available at national retailers including Best Buy, Radio Shack, Office Max, Fry's, TigerDirect/CompUSA and PC Richards, among others.

The sleek widescreen Aire Black LED Monitor is one of the slimmest display panels on the market at 12.7 mm throughout. The monitor also offers impressive image quality with a 50,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, 5ms response time, and a DVI-D with HDCP input for the ultimate HD viewing experience. Along with being EPEAT Gold Certified for its green packaging and production, the Aire Black LED Monitor on average consumes only 15 watts of energy and includes an eSaver feature that lets the user preset power conservation modes for the display when the PC is not in use. The monitor's Power Saving Mode uses 50 percent less power, and Standby Mode uses only 0.1w.

"A clean and modern aesthetic coupled with amazing image quality have made the AireLED Series one of our most popular monitor lines for both business and home use," said Robert Velez, AOC Marketing Manager. "The Aire Black LED display reduces energy costs and offers incredible value, which is a trademark of the AOC brand and products."

The versatile Aire Black LED Monitor has a built-in VESA stand that locks into place so that the monitor can be used on a desktop and easily mounted on a wall by simply pushing a button and folding the stand at its tilt hinge. No assembly is required for the stand, making the monitor a helpful solution for businesses that require visual displays but have limited space. The monitor's easily accessible connections are located at the back of the stand, while its front features convenient LED touch controls for power and onscreen display.


• Screen Size: 20", 22", 23"
• Ultra-slim display panel throughout (.5 in/ 12.7 mm)
• WLED Backlight
• 50,000,000:1 DCR
• 5ms Response Time
• DVI-D with HDCP Input
• Screen+ Technology
• e-Saver Feature
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coolice 3 years ago

its crazy how much prices have fallen for LCD panels. Though one thing thats disappointing that that theres hardly any innovation for lcd resolutions... I have a 22incn acer which i purchased more than 2 years ago for 250$, model # H213H.

Its not as bright, nor skinny, and doesnt have a fast enough refresh rate or contrast ratio, but the resolution is the same.... 1920X1080 (1080p).

Sure i can get a decent LED backlit 24 inch in that price now, But what about resolution? i'd like something with a higher pixel density in the same price range by about now haha. (yes yes, i'm selfish and cheap--> student budget). Its just a thought, not a complaint.

EDIT: Daym this thing is skinny... though to be honest, i've never heard of AOC. click here for the manufactures link. Oh, i love the fact that all the inputs are in the Base and not the actual lcd panel!

rapid1 3 years ago

I am confused in the article it gives there places of availability as well as there prices. Then directly in the next paragraph it says the price and availability are not yet known, but will be released soon? So are these available at the 7 listed stores at those prices, or re they not!

coolice 3 years ago

Nope, those are definitely the correct prices....

i think its simply because there are soo products being released with no prices that Ray might have accidentally put that in. Its happened before with other websites as well... also manufactures are known to cut/increases prices last minute.

63jax 3 years ago

12,7 mm, woooow thats .50 cal

rapid1 3 years ago

From what I understand coolice the pixel density does not matter as much anymore. And LCD or an LED display does not display with a dot pitch etc like old monitors did. So 192081080 is the standard for HD, where you can get panels with higher resolution than that they are very expensive. The main thing comparable to me is the bit depth of the display such as 4 bit, 6 bit, 8 bit, 10 bit displays the higher the bit rating of the LCD/LED panel the better the picture especially from a professional standpoint where each LCD/LED display point is denser (which is kind of like dot pitch), but not the same as each dot is actually an LCD/LED!

coolice 3 years ago

Oh sorry, by density, perhaps i'm confusing my understanding.... but i just meant a higher resolution in the same size lcd size. This would mean that there are more pixels in a given area vs an lcd with the same size dimensions but a lower resolution.

For example a 22 inch monitor @ 1680 x 1050 pixels vs a 22 inch monitor @ 1920 x 1080 pixels. Since there are more pixels in the latter option, that means the density is higher. Thats what i'm assuming.... thus my comment... if we can get more pixels in teh same size, that would be awesome!. I'm sure they can do it... companies just choose not to cause the 1080p is embedded in peoples mind as being HD. I can tell something that i have a 1600p monitor and they'll probably ask me....IS That HD?? Thats not 1080p, simply because most consumers dont know what 1080p actually means. 



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