AMD to Shed ATI Brand, Intro Active DP-To-DVI Dongle

We have a couple of pieces of interesting information coming out of AMD this morning, one of them regarding AMD’s continued use of the ATI brand, the other about an inexpensive, active DisplayPort-to-DVI dongle that should make to cost of entry into multi-screen Eyefinity more palatable for budget conscious consumers.

Over the last few weeks, you may have heard rumors about AMD no longer using the ATI brand. We can confirm that this is indeed going to be the case.  AMD will shed the ATI brand name soon but it is not happening immediately and will have no effect on existing product. We were told by AMD that moving forward, with the eventual introduction of Fusion-based processors and next-gen graphics cards, the ATI name will not be used.



When AMD first acquired ATI in ‘06, the ATI brand was very well respected; it continues to be today. It wasn’t something that could quickly be tossed aside. However, now that AMD has overtaken NVIDIA (according to the latest Mercury research data), further cementing its position in the discrete graphics space, and is readying its first Fusion-based processors that mate CPU and GPU cores on a single die, AMD felt it was the right time to shed the ATI brand name.

In the short term, nothing will change from a consumer standpoint. All of the existing product on store shelves will be continue to be known by the same names. Moving forward, however, graphics products will be branded AMD Radeon or AMD FirePro. Official branding for Fusion-based processors was not disclosed.

Eyefinity Just Got Cheaper
AMD is also introducing a new active DisplayPort-to-DVI dongle today. As we’ve mentioned in the past in much of our Radeon HD 5000 series coverage, to take advantage of AMD’s Eyefinity multi-display technology, at least one of the monitors in the display group had to use a DisplayPort connection. For most users, this meant buying at least one new monitor, because DisplayPort isn’t nearly as widespread (yet) as the more common DVI. If a user already had one (or more) DVI-equipped monitors and wanted to use a three-screen (or larger) Eyefinity configuration, they were out of luck. It meant either buying a third monitor that likely wouldn’t match the originals, or rolling the dice and buying an expensive active DisplayPort-to-DVI dongle and hoping that it would work, because they weren’t universally compatible.


After working in conjunction with its partners to ensure Eyefinity compatibility, however, AMD is now ready to release a $29.99 active DisplayPort-to-DVI dongle, that’ll make virtually all single-link DVI equipped monitors function as a DP monitor in an Eyefinity configuration. The single-link nature of the dongle means the resolution of the screen attached is limited to 1920x1200 or below, but that should be an issue as only a small fraction of LCD monitors currently on the market, usually 27” or larger, support resolutions any higher.

The new dongle will be sold separately from a number of AMD partners including XFX, PowerColor, Sapphire, Accell, Wieson and others, and will be included with some new graphics cards moving forward.

Via:  AMD
jturnbull65 4 years ago

I'm glad they are addressing DisplayPort-to-DVI since the current crop of dongles cost ~$100 and is essentially a "hidden" cost of Eyefinity. Even better is the news that the dongle may be included with some cards (presumably at not much of a markup).

But it's also worth noting that a DisplayPort to VGA adapter can be had for ~$25 and can provide the same 1920 x 1200 support. I tested it this past weekend and it worked with Eyefinity and there was no discernible difference between it and the output from a DVI link.

lifeskills 4 years ago

Wow AMD Radeon... Im glad to see that an eyefinity upgrade is going to be 70$ less

Schmich 4 years ago

AMD and ATI are 3 letters long each, surely there is room for both names to be up there? This is going to upset a lot of people!

acarzt 4 years ago

Ouch... that's pretty rough... I hate to see the brand go :-( Makes me kind of sad... and feel kind of old lol

I guess it was inevitable tho.

Blazer 4 years ago

My self, I could care less if the name goes away. (I saw it coming eventually when they were bought out).

As long as the product is good, and the driver support is there, then what difference does it make?

Nethersprite 4 years ago

"As long as the product is good, and the driver support is there, then what difference does it make?"

Speaking of drivers, hopefully they'll continue their baby steps into making their drivers open-source: everyone knows ATI's (oops, AMD's) own Linux drivers are crap. Historically, it's been Intel that has had the better Linux driver support, which is partly why netbooks worked so well with Linux distros (esp. if they had GMA graphics).

animatortom 4 years ago

See, My Ancient Chinese secret is working!:P

Now that their ATI brand has embarrassed them enough and not taken care of their customers. They do like politicians and re-brand something when people aren't buying it!

You can put a paper towel over the dog poop and call it a cake....Yet underneath it is still poop:P

This is funny! They are going to spend millions on a marketing campaign to re-brand their products,. When if they spent that time and effort, they could take care of their customers and make sure the Drivers are complete and glitch free! If less people felt ripped off like they just "got what they paid for", and more felt good about the company they support. Then they wouldn't have to worry about their sales numbers!

slugbug 4 years ago

When you think of video cards two names come to mind. ATI and Nvidia. I bet most people don't even realize AMD owns ATI.

Nethersprite 4 years ago

That may be true slugbug, but it seems to me that most people who care about graphics (meaning, those not content with the integrated graphics in their laptops or even desktops) follow ATI and nVidia more closely, and those people would know about the merger. It might just be projection (you know, assuming people are as smart as me lol), but heck, type in "" into your web browser and you get as the automatic redirect.

Also, rebranding will help sales, I think. Enthusiasts will still pay attention to Radeon, so nothing's changed there, and that's the smart part: ATI and AMD are two very similar acronyms to the layperson. If someone sees "Radeon," that's the more distinctive brand, and AMD wisely didn't change it for that reason. More clueless people on the same hand will say, "Hmm, my processor is an AMD processor, why not get an AMD graphics card? Why should I play around with this nVidia thing, I've got it made!" Or something like that.

inspector 4 years ago

No slugbug, first thing to come to mind for me is AMD and Nvidia... O.o

lonewolf 4 years ago

The new name change should transition smoothly as now consumers have less names to jungle and can just focus on AMD as they should have been all along. Many people not in the know I bet have no idea AMD has this little killer graphics division known as ATI.

That will all change soon and this is a good thing.

AKwyn 4 years ago

While it's sad to see the ATI brand going away, I do think this will resolve many issues you guys think are important. Personally I don't care about ATI becoming AMD and I don't know what this will do but ATI has always like been the cool underdog and there's a lot of history behind the ATI name.

Still, I'm note sure what'll do for sales but I'm sure it'll drive up the sales of AMD graphics cards for those who buy an AMD processor or at least companies like Dell will be enticed by having AMD graphics with their AMD processors as it'll be a cheaper option or something.

Again, I'm not sure about what this will do for sales.

crowTrobot 4 years ago

It's going to cost them now with the new brand marketing but this was a long time coming. AMD hasn't spent anything in terms of marketting dollars as it should have but now they have the money to spend it on and they have to use it wisely.  Their branding has nothing short of a cluster**** and this would be much better for them economically down the road.  Everyone has been getting the Catalyst drivers from the AMD Play! (another pointless and confusing branding/naming) website for a while now anyway

animatortom 4 years ago

Now HotHardware needs to tell us of any of their partners who actually carry the new Dongles?

jturnbull65 4 years ago

[quote user="animatortom"]

Now HotHardware needs to tell us of any of their partners who actually carry the new Dongles?


AMD has a list of certified dongles here:

Accell one is available for pre-order on Amazon for $34.99.

Wieson appears to have it available now on their website for $41.99, but it's a bizarre retail website and I didn't want to go all the way to checkout to verify.

I just received an active DisplayPort to DVI dongle from AMD as part of the Eyefinity contest, and it is a Wieson branded one.


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