AMD Wants To Be Our Valentine In Wake of Sandy B. Heart Break

We think J. Geils Band said it best, love stinks.  You know the deal; you love her, but she loves him, and he loves somebody else... you just can't win.  Well, our pals at AMD are there for us it appears.  We're the sensitive type here at Team HH and when the chips are down, apparently they've got our back.  Like a trusty ol' Wingman, they were ready today with some sweets and note of encouragement.  And hey now, perhaps a little hook-up with a cute little Southern Belle they know of in the family, down deep in the heart of TX?  Say no more!  We're feeling a bit more chipper already!

High res available, for the steamy, naughty details...

Instead of love, perhaps we should be thinking of a more soulful connection, like... like Fusion perhaps?  Time to dust off the Barry White CD and body butter.  Happy Valentine's Day!
Via:  AMD
Marco C 3 years ago

This is classic...

gibbersome 3 years ago

LMAO! That made my night!

Dave_HH 3 years ago

How To Be a Southern Belle - Source:

1- Offer Mint Julep or Iced Tea to everyone who visits your house.

2- Eat grits everyday for breakfast.

3- Refer to your house as "The Plantation" no matter how small your house may be.

4- Refer to all men as "gentlemen caller" or "beaux".

5- Never let a man know you're interested or chase him because you know there are too many men who want you for you to expend the extra effort.

6- When you have a dating dilemma and have one gentleman caller over when you are expecting another, claim to be "expired" and excuse yourself for a nap until he leaves.

7- Whenever you are asked to do any work, fan yourself and claim to have the "vapors."

8- Refer to every party you go to, even a kegger at the local university, as a "cotillion." All other parties are yankee garbage.

9- Try to use words like "darlin'", "sweet" or "precious" in every sentence.

10- Belong to a country club. If you don't, refer to any club you belong to as a "country club". No one will know the difference.

11- Set under a magnolia tree with a parasol fanning yourself often. Passers-by will take notice of your belle-ness.

12- Never marry a Yankee unless you want to be a Yankee by association.

13- Never be seen without your makeup and girdle.


Wow, tough gig. I hate grits. And Yankee by association? Try injection. :P I better stop.

coolice 3 years ago



You know what they say... its the little things that count! 



I Salute you AMD for your valour.... and wit!

AKwyn 3 years ago

So. AMD's last name is APU and his middle name is Fusion? That's a big shocking reveal.

Anyways, as the others are saying. That is awesome!

CDeeter 3 years ago

lol, way to rub it in AMD!

And I'm sure we will all love your cousin.

digitaldd 3 years ago

Apu from the Simpsons loves them back.. LoL!

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