AMD Unleashes New Phenom II and Athlon II Speed Bumps

AMD is launching a half dozen new processors today, targeted at virtually all market segments, ranging from an inexpensive, mainstream dual-core Athlon II offering to a new, relatively high-end six-core Phenom II. We decided to take a look at AMD's latest six-core and higher-end quad-cores in both the Phenom II and Athlon II flavors. The full specifications for each of the processors are listed below and performance for each of the new chips is detailed on the pages ahead...

AMD Unleashes New Phenom II and Athlon II Speed Bumps

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lifeskills 4 years ago

Nice! the 970 BE and 1075 look pretty sweet, but for 20 less I would probably still go with the 965 BE. I was under the impression that there would be a 960T, but after seeing this I looked it up, and apparently those plans were abandoned in this spring. Oh well

amdcrankitup 4 years ago

 I always like it when AMD gets into competition with its self because we usually benefit from it! I,ve always been a fan of AMD  regardless of who is fastest Intel or AMD which at times is questionable but the thing AMD is they offer something for everybody. Price to performance ratio you have nothing to loose and everybody can play! The only problem I have is picking which one to buy! Now in the near future I had intended on getting the 965BE but now NOW I got to looking at the  3.5ghz Phenom II X4 970 Black Edition $185 and 3.1 GHZ AthlonII X4 645. Its like reaching into a jar of M&M,s and deciding what color! Now I know that the 965 and the 970 are pretty much the same price around $185 so guess I might go for the 970 who knows ?? When  I read this from your review

The new Phenom II X4 970 Black Edition and Athlon II X4 645, however, due to their higher clocks, finished slightly ahead of the Phenom II 965 and Athlon II 640 they supplant at the top of their respective product line-ups—as they should.

Then It gets interesting!! .So thanks AMD for the new toys now I got to figure out which M&M I want!  Yes



digitaldd 4 years ago

Wahh no low wattage parts.

lifeskills 4 years ago

A 1075 BE would be awesome

lonewolf 4 years ago

That Phenom II X4 970 Black Edition for $185 is a sweet deal. Still though clock for clock Intel has the lead I don't see this changing until Bulldozer arrives, if then. 

As Marco stated on a bank for buck basis AMD has been delivering as they were the first to bring a $99 Quad core to market which still cannot be touched.

crowTrobot 4 years ago

I got my 970 stable to 4.1 with only 1.4275 voltage, passed every stress and benchmark test except for 3ds max render (didn't bsod, it just said error then exited), upped it to 1.475 and it was very stable after that.  This was on an el-cheapo amd mobo btw (biostar ta890gxb). I just upped the multiplier and cpu voltage, I didn't play around with anything else, so some people can probably squeeze a bit more on it.  Newly improved AMD process really helped with overclocking.

inspector 4 years ago

Wow, nice prices. Its nice how they released them all at once like this unlike Intel that released the most expansive so you would buy it even if you don't need all those specs then release the lower end ones :)

realneil 4 years ago

The Phenom II X6 1075T - for $245 is a good deal. I've already read reviews on it and it OC's quite well.

Super Dave 4 years ago

The Phenom II X6 1075T is quite affordable - take a look here at the recent Fry's ad for it:



lifeskills 4 years ago

wow 180...  anyone gonna jump on that?

realneil 4 years ago

[quote user="lifeskills"]

wow 180...  anyone gonna jump on that?


Not from the East Coast,...........

But I think it's a damn good price.

rapid1 4 years ago

Yeah it is a nice price. I am really waiting on AMD dropping the nanometers on the processors before I worry about anything new from them. Whenever the do drop the die on there CPU's ( I hope the drop 2 scales rather than one) I will be interested in picking one up. They will also be much more easy to manipulate (OC) then!

Zaim 4 years ago

When the 1075T first launched it was pointless as it would be better to get the 1090T for a little more, but now the price is much better around £150. prices on the Phenom X6's have dropped quite a bit. Might upgrade to one. 

francisco222 3 years ago

I've had the amd in my machine for the last year and it has functioned smoothly under windows 7, so I am quite pleased with it.  I often play the euro millions lottery online as well as run some pretty hefty probabilities calculations, and it chuggs along just fine.

JAdams 3 years ago

I know this is kind of an old post but I'm relatively new to the community. I have the 955 BE overclocked to 3.994Ghz. I have not been able to get it over that and stay stable. I think it might be my ram that is causing the trouble and not the CPU. I have the bus at 215mhz, the multiplier at 18.5x, and the vcore at 1.45 (My mobo over volts it to 1.5v) And with the Corsair H50 water cooler i dont go higher then 47C under full load for 5 hours

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