AMD Ships Five Million Fusion APUs

Wow. Big numbers out of the AMD camp, and we have to think that Intel is taking them seriously. Reportedly, AMD has sold through five million Fusion chips. For a company that just started shipping these things in volume at the start of this year, that's a mega milestone -- particularly in an economy where netbook sales are flagging. But with costly CULV machines seeming too expensive for what you get, the idea of buying a Fusion-based rig is very appealing. Each one that we have tested here has impressed us, and we've known since Fusion's launch that Intel's Atom finally had a real competitor.

Raymond Dumbeck, product marketing manager for AMD's mobile products, was quoted as saying that AMD was "sold out" of the Fusion APU, with "demand far exceedingly supply." Whenever you can sell all that you make, the accounting department is happy. It's been years since there has been any lasting good news for AMD, and we're happy to see it. Intel has ran that show for far too long, and it's about time the Atom got serious with itself.
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paulroo 3 years ago

Will Intel continue to allow manufacturers and retailers to sell more Fusion chips? The last time I checked, it was revealed that Intel was bribing Dell, HP, IBM and other manufacturers (as well as retailers like MediaMarkt) BILLIONS of dollars not to sell AMD processors.

I believe Dell received 6-billion dollars in secret payments to not buy AMD processors, and HP received "hundreds of millions of dollars" (according to subpoenaed evidence in the NY case) in order to keep AMD's market share under 5%. Intel even bribed retailers like MediaMarkt to not stock their shelves with AMD products.

So... there you have it. Maybe Intel is allowing AMD a small victory in order to evade antitrust problems?

realneil 3 years ago

[quote user="News"]It's been years since there has been any lasting good news for AMD, and we're happy to see it.[/quote]

Me too,....they are our first line of defense against higher CPU prices from the Intel camp. They face staggering odds, considering Intel's wealth, and still seem to be relevant in many markets. I buy from them whenever I can.

coolice 3 years ago

Damn, thats quite the conspiracy there hahah

realneil 3 years ago

[quote user="coolice"]thats quite the conspiracy[/quote]

If any of what he's saying is true, slacking off a little and "letting AMD sell some stock" wouldn't protect Intel from prosecution at all. There is no way to avoid charges if you've done the deed already.

Anything PROVABLE would be vigorously pursued by Uncle Sam.

CDeeter 3 years ago

Didn't Intel just pay AMD a bunch of money not so long ago? I thought Intel did it to settle the lawsuit that was filed against them for these very practices.

And if this good fortune is the result of Intel having to stop those unfair practices, it makes you wonder where AMD would be today if something had been done sooner.

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