AMD Radeon R7 Series 240GB SSD Review

AMD is launching a new family of products today, but unless you follow the rumor mill pretty closely, it’s probably not something you’d expect. It’s not a new CPU or APU. And it’s not a new GPU or memory kit either. Well then, “what could it be” you ask? Today, AMD is launching its first line of solid state drives (SSDs), targeted squarely at AMD enthusiasts. Whodathunkit?

AMD is calling the new family of drives, the Radeon R7 Series SSD, similar to its popular mid-range line of graphics cards. The new Radeon R7 Series SSDs feature OCZ and Toshiba technology, but with a proprietary firmware geared towards write performance and high endurance...

AMD Radeon R7 Series 240GB SSD Review

Via:  HotHardware
infinityzen1 4 months ago

Looks like a solid all around performing drive. I wonder how much better the 480GB version performs.

JosephWilliamson 4 months ago

Big frigg'in "woop!!!

MADSKILLZ412 4 months ago

We're getting close to having computers with all AMD components. Now we need motherboards, cooling fans, cases, and peripherals. You can do it AMD! I still use Nvidia and Intel though... :/ But I still like AMD and will likely try them out in the future.

altshep123 4 months ago

You harbor some ill-will toward AMD Joseph? It is at the very least a "reasonable woop". According to these benchmarks the AMD Radeon R7 really competes and it does so at a comparable price. This is going to be very exciting for anyone that is a die-hard AMD fan. I love their branding too. The top of this SSD looks great and custom builders will work with that.

Super Dave 4 months ago

It's great to see another player enter the fray because more competition = better prices for us consumers. Yes

Dave_HH 4 months ago

I admit, I was skeptical but not a bad offering at all!

DTGat38Watch 3 months ago

wait, OCZ built? Isnt OCZ know for crap SSD's? I hope these arent refurb with new labels. I have reliability over speed OCZ failed at reliability bad and now expects consumers to forget that?

CDeeter 3 months ago

High performance, and good looking for a reasonable price. Gotta love that!

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