AMD Pokes Fun Of NVIDIA's Fermi GPU Heat Output In "The Misunderstanding" Video

NVIDIA has never been a company to shy away from a fight, even if that fight is very public. The company has been battling with Intel off and on again over the past couple of years, with comics and harsh words from NVIDIA's CEO leading the way. But for as confident as NVIDIA is about their company, their hardware and their software, we have always heard that there's nothing quite like getting a taste of one's own medicine.

AMD's processors haven't exactly been the coolest bunch; the Neo platform in particular can warm an ultraportable up in rapid fashion, but the company has nicely dodged that in a new short film aimed directly at NVIDIA's graphics business. AMD vs. NVIDIA has been another longstanding battle, and things just got taken up a notch today. AMD clearly poured significant funds and effort into the video below, simply titled "The Misunderstanding." We won't spoil the plot or ending for you, but let's just say there are a few choice one-liners littered throughout the production that will certainly make some folks over at NVIDIA raging mad. Or, should we say, "hot and bothered?" Click play on the video below to see AMD's take on NVIDIA's hotter-than-ever Fermi GPU family.

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inspector 4 years ago

Lmfao, if only this would have happened in real life! Like the custom strapped on fans :)

3vi1 4 years ago

I bought a Fermi GTX465 card a week or so back. Yes, my air-conditioner is having trouble keeping the house cool in the evenings... BUT, it doesn't crash under Linux like the ATI HD 5870 I replaced.

And, it's actually supported by the newer F@H GPU client, unlike the ATI card.

ATI needs to quit making funny videos and spend that money on developers.

3vi1 4 years ago

BUT... if I were going to make a funny pro-ATI commercial, it would be like this:

Two gamers facing off in Counter-Strike... or maybe they're teammates both about to run for the chopper at the end of the the L4D2 Dark Carnival episode...

Then the Nvidia player starts sweating. Sweating more as they play... and more... (trys to wipe the sweat out of his eyes)... and more. Sweat start shooting up from his lap and all you can hear is gurgling as he tries to talk on the mic. Eventually the Nvidia owner looks like the fountain outside Caesar's Palace and dies a horrible demise in game.... while the ATI owner steps to cool victory.

3vi1 4 years ago

(continued)... And as we see the ATI logo - we hear a frantic 911 call requesting a lifeguard be dispatched to the home of the Fermi owner.

lifeskills 4 years ago


is that how your pulling so many points a day?  I know that has been annoying me about the latest GPU client with my ATI card.  Just wondering, are you getting all those with 1 machine?

I have only had one NVIDIA card, and I ended up taking it back for an ATI card.  Not because I prefer one or the other, just because It was my first build and I didn't really know what I wanted at all.  My next build since then, (which is current) I went ATI to complete AMD's LEO platform.

And that commercial is hillarious

"I bet were gonna find something green in there"

3vi1 4 years ago

>> Just wondering, are you getting all those with 1 machine?


Actually most of my points come just from running the SMP client under Linux. It can crank out a hell of a lot of workunits with 12 threads on the i980x. The GPU client isn't very stable under Linux (I quit running it because it kept throwing errors when used under Wine with a cuda wrapper), but works okay under Windows - but still doesn't generate near as many points as the SMP client (which is why I has so many points for so few workunits).

I'll probably cut back on running it soon anyway, as I was just mostly playing around to see how F@H compared to Boinc and S@H. I should maybe put it on one core of my arcade cabinet though... since it sits there doing nothing most of the time.

lifeskills 4 years ago

--It can crank out a hell of a lot of workunits with 12 threads on the i980x...

now it all makes sense.  Are you doing the A3 cores, and if so, how long does it take?  Im using the smp on my 1090T and it takes about a full day to finish a WU.

And just heard about Boinc from a co-worker yesterday. 

crowTrobot 4 years ago

I don't run Linux but I'm having problems running StarCraft 2 and Metro 2033 on my 4890 without crashing after a few minutes.  Crying


rapid1 4 years ago

rofl I don't think that would be legal 3vi1, unless it only played in movies before a NC17, R or worse rating movie.

3vi1 4 years ago

I'd shoot it from creative angles so that you never see any gore/blood. :)

3vi1 4 years ago

Also, I'd zoom in on the cards as they played and we hear all the shots and screams... The Nvidia card would have a sound like a V8 engine revving up... and the ATI card would sound like the warp core of a starship.... When the Fermi owner dies in game, there should be a sound like a blown cylinder from the Nvidia card.

rapid1 4 years ago

I have actually used a few Nvidia GPU's, but my first real card was an All in Wonder Pro. Believe it or not it is sitting on my desk I found it when we moved still in it's magnetic envelope, It is about 14-15years old I guess, and was in my P2 400 (first hand built system, I ever made)!

3vi1 4 years ago

I had one of the original TNT cards in the old days. I've probably owned about 7 nvidia cards and 4 ATI cards. I was always switching back and forth between the two on every upgrade until I became a Linux zealot and realized that only one of them had decent drivers.

3vi1 4 years ago

So, *if* ATI gets their drivers up to par (which I'll know - because I do still have the 5870 in another system), I'd be more than willing to consider them on the next upgrade.

animatortom 4 years ago

Wait a minute...Did Inspector say he likes the Strapped ons? :P

Yeah if ATI spent as much on thier drivers as they did on their marketing then they might have more people buying:P

acarzt 4 years ago

Marketing is what ATI needs.

They need to get their name out there to the average consumer!

They need to create some demand and marketing is the way to do it.

inspector 4 years ago

yes i do animator, i like it real good... :P

I would love to see 3vi1's idea come true xD

rapid1 4 years ago

Yes from what I hear there are driver issues. The weird part is I have never had any on Windows, in games, on Ubuntu or any other Linux versions I have run. Thats of course at least since the 3870 model. In Ubuntu there is an auto ati upgrade I would imagine should work in any version of Linux as the backbone to the OS would basically be the same, while the top side of it would be different.

realneil 4 years ago

The Fermi heat and power usage issues are enough for me. I won't get one until they get a handle on it, though I hear that the 460 1GB runs pretty cool.

My Linux box has an older 512MB GTX something or other in it and it just works, so I don't try to fix it. I don't tinker with the iMac either, but I do love to mess with the Win-7 boxes trying to improve them and I always will.

Now I have to say that my EVGA 2GB GTX285 card isn't a space heater and (maybe because of my nice computer case) runs nice and cool. It's performance is completely acceptable too.

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