AMD Phenom X4 9350e and 9950 BE Debut

AMD is launching a three-pronged attack on the desktop CPU space today, with the introduction of three new quad-core Phenom X4 processors.  One of the processors, the new 2.6GHz Phenom X4 9950 Black Edition, is AMD's latest flagship desktop CPU.  The other two, however, are somewhat surprising "green", low-power quad-cores dubbed the Phenom X4 9350e (2.0GHz) and Phenom X4 9150e (1.8GHz).

With its Black Edition branding, it should be obvious to the power user among you that the Phenom X4 9950 BE is targeted squarely at enthusiasts and overclockers.  But the audience for the Phenom X4 9350e and Phenom X4 9150e processors is a little harder to quantify.  Click the link below and check them out...

AMD Phenom X4 9350e and 9950 Black Edition Debut
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Crisis Causer 6 years ago

Wow, that 9950 is power hungry.  Eek.  They gotta get that down.  Not bad performance, but it's still the same architecture so it's gonna lag behind Intel in many things.

ice91785 6 years ago
I don't really like re-releases of a same core just with "higher clocks" -- if its the same architecture why not just release it with the rest of the series?
rapid1 6 years ago
Yeah but at least there getting more up to speed. I hate to say it but even as an AMD enthusiast who's thinking about building a new system I don't know. The power is no issue I'm looking at either the HYPER 885 or 1200 watt unit for power so thats no issue at all. However Intel is supposed to release a totally new CPU in the next 6 months. With the last 2 years of results in processor output and the performance variables I might have to just go intel and DDR3.
ice_73 6 years ago
rapid, perhaps youd be interested in uying my 1250 watt psu?
ice91785 6 years ago

I have faith in AMD -- look what just happened between ATI and nVidia! I believe DAMIT is just starting to get their feet under them from the merger way back and beginning to make headway....its only a matter of time

I say this as no fanboi of either AMD or Intel -- just as a guy hoping for good competition


Anonymous 6 years ago

 Hey guys, I have been tweaking some Phenoms and I have found some interesting stuff. Amd phenom is performing better on higher resolutions given the same video card. Would you guys mind testing this for me ? It would really be helpful.  In particular the 9950 even though the 9850 would still be good if that is all you have access to.

Anonymous 6 years ago

 I am bumping this. I am suprised no one is as curious as me.

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