AMD Next-Gen Tech Event In Alameda, CA - You're Invited!

AMD is hosting an event to showcase some next-generation products next week and they've given us the green light to invite some of you to attend. Space is limited and all attendees must be 21+, and everyone that would like to attend will need to send an RSVP to AMD's community relations manager Monica ( Some of those that RSVP will then receive a personalized invite that you’ll need to show at the registration table to get into the event.

I will be in town to attend the event as well, so if any of you HotHardware faithful decide to make the trek, be sure to track me down. I'll be the big guy, with the goatee...

Event details:

  • Date: September 10, 2009
  • Time: 6:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. PT
  • Location: The U.S.S. Hornet, Alameda, CA (

Please note: As there will be alcohol served, this is a 21+ event – guests may be asked to show ID at the door.

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Marco C 5 years ago

FYI everyone, it's me that will be at the event...track me down if you can make it!

Super Dave 5 years ago

YesOh man, on an aircraft carrier...with alcohol!Beer That is waaaay cool! I wish I could go, but I can't.Sad

bob_on_the_cob 5 years ago

Sounds awesome. If it wasn't in Calli I might could make it, but that is a long drive.

Crisis Causer 5 years ago

Man, if I was in California I would so be there.

Marco, we expect a full report on the Radeon 5800 series!  Good luck!

catech 5 years ago

Tried already no response yet.

Hope I get a reply before the event.

It's been WAY too long since the last event and they had nothing but hype.

I'd like to see what they've cooked up worth looking at.

mentaldisorder 5 years ago

These events always happen when I get to college.  Why can't they be during the summer, then again i'll be 21 this February.  So maybe next time!  Also, Cali is way too far away.

catech 5 years ago

it's good to live near silicon valley - there's lots of free pens and do-dads to go home with, I like meeting the people helping to build my computer. Helps me get info on what's really a new idea and what's vaporware.

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